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Thread: Chinese astrology (who's who in the zoo)

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    I'm home!
    he he he

    I'm a Metal Monkey

    My love is a metal pig

    As lovers, then, the Monkey might spend some time trying to convince the Pig to go out rather than staying in; after all, the Monkey is definitely a sexual being but doesn't want to spend hours on end in the bedroom. After a while, though, the Monkey will tire of trying to motivate the Pig and will go out on its own. The Pig will have to be ready to compromise, since the Monkey isn't too flexible. The good thing is, when in love, the Pig is a very generous, acquiescent Sign who wants nothing more than to please its mate; the bad thing is, this trait sometimes leads to the Pig allowing itself to be taken advantage of. The Monkey would never knowingly mistreat the Pig but might not be very careful either.

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    I'm a goat..

    "You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be." ~Albus Dumbledore

    Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. ~Harvey Fierstein

    God made so many different kinds of people. Why would he allow only one way to serve him? ~Martin Buber

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    Water Pig here! (I kinda wish I was Tiger something because I LOVE Tigers)

    More info:
    Capricorn's rigor will lend grit to the waters of the Pig. He will probably be defensive and slightly abrasive in his dealings with others. Since he is gifted with natural virtues such as willingness to work and a desire to do the right thing, this Pig/Capricorn person should have no difficulty in succeeding at whatever he undertakes. In his attempt to get to the top of the mountain, the Pig/Capricorn may forge almost too blindly ahead.

    The Water Pig

    The Water Pig does not care for power or dominion over others. He would rather be thought of as a mediator than a dictator or managing director. He is noted for his gentility and amiability. He is a calm sort who doesn't get carried away by his own impulsive notions. In any crisis he keeps his head cool. He never fails to return the affections of those who profess to love him and to remain loyal to his beliefs. As with other Pigs, the talents of the Water Pig lie in his emotional proximity to art and its cultural expressions. He loves to create and even to show off the results. But he rarely aspires to anything more materialistic than perfection in his field. Using his talents for personal gain seems almost sacrilegious to this purity-conscious Pig. The Water Pig is a born builder. He frequently undertakes construction projects wherein he designs and reshapes. He thrives on knocking down walls, creating large open spaces where his collections of art objects and old master paintings can best be appreciated. Although he can function alone professionally and turn out impressive amounts of hard work, at the end of the day this Pig wants company - someone to talk to, laugh with, share dinner and exchange ideas with. He's not particularly sociable in the greater sense, preferring to remain anonymous or, at least, out of the limelight; but he sorely needs conviviality, a family atmosphere, a happy cheerful environment in which to feel a sense of belonging and well-being. This Pig is discreet in the expression of his sentiments. He rarely gushes or rants. Emotions, he feels, are meant to be controlled, managed carefully and decorously. He adores pleasurable experience and places sex high on the list of joys to be sought. Fine food comes next. Unlike most other Pigs who tend to squander and save by turns, this Pig is economical. He likes material security and knows how to live well - even luxuriously - on a budget.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drisel
    Um sweetie you did add cat just not the more commonly known Rabbit.
    Boy! Do I feel thick! :goodgrief

    Dont' search for magic. It's already there. instead, search for yourself.

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    If I remember correctly, I'm a Wood Tiger.

    Double checks, yep.. Wood Tiger.

    The Wood Tiger

    This Tiger is well noted for his (or her) boundless enthusiasm and exceptional daring. An unflinching pioneer, he loves to undertake grandiose projects and do what has never been done before. But he prefers initiating to realizing, and few of his enterprises are carried through to a happy conclusion. Failure, however, never influences his calenture in a way or another. Whatever the situation in which he may find himself, the Tiger of this combination can always discover something that fascinates him. Boredom is consequently unknown to his nature. He lives intensely, crowding every minute of his life and never allowing himself to muddle through or indulge in self-pity for a single moment. He holds, contempt for both ivory-tower idealists and garrulous theoreticians alike, being himself unable to pursue any thought or conversation in depth. He is prone to sudden, unpredictable explosions of boiling anger, and this weakness of his is a serious handicap in his relations with others. Despite his fiery character, he does need a congenial affective atmosphere in order to function properly. The Wood Tiger is often a prey to his various internal conflicts. He is often torn between his selfishness and his generosity. He acutely feels the necessity of more patience and consistency, yet he cannot help being drawn away from one job to another. There is also a contradiction between his obvious desire for adventures and his secret longing for a cozy life. It is important that he can solve these conflicts during his adolescence, preferably with psychiatric help.

    and a


    Fire and wood again. Shining brightly, the Tiger/Leo ought to be the happiest of beasts. The indisputable king of the jungle hasn't a worry in the world. For once his arch-rival is on his side. Nothing short of an excess of pride and preening vanity should daunt him. His ego might just get in the way of his brain from time to time. If you deal with this creature, keep your sense of humour. His roar is worse than his bite.
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    I'm a Metal Pig.

    Pig people are friends for life. Their relationships are very deep, devoted, and rich beyond measure. The Pig people are noble and give and receive lots of hugs. They are gallant and extend old-fashioned chivalries towards people they meet. Pig People are quiet, studious, and thorough. On the other hand, they have a quick temper and sometimes have to pay for their rash impulsiveness. However, no one can overcome their inner strength; they have such tremendous fortitude and jump the goal post very time. The Pig will have an abundance of good fortune and an abundance of years. The Pig will know a life filled with serenity and riches.

    Soup, Oolong Tea, and Candied Ginger are among keys to good health!!

    The Metal Pig enjoys great abundance, in health, career, friendship, love, and finance. This kind and warmhearted Pig is a true altruist, always wanting to help people. Because of an open minded laissez-faire attitude towards others, the Metal Pig lends an open hand to those who are not quite as fortunate and stays clear of intolerant narrow-minded individuals. These Pigs are often organizers of great heroic causes. Anyone who has the Metal Pig for a friend is truly lucky because this is a loyal, honest and trustworthy friend for life. Metal Pig Friends are always put on diamond-based pedestals. Career-wise, the ambitious Pig has inexhaustible energy and always strives to improve their performance by studying and working hard to get ahead. Good fortune is their reward. They approach their love relationships with sizzling passion mixed with the tenderness of gentility and kindness. They seem to have their own secret weapon for attracting the opposite sex.

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    Some where over the rainbow...
    I'm a wood rat...

    special thanks to menolly for such a lovely image!

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    Way Down South in Dixie... no... wait... souther than that...
    Another Fire Dragon here
    I give thanks for all that gives me pleasure
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    I'm a metal pig!

    I'm also piscean and the too go together so well it's spooky.
    Yesterday is History.
    Tomorrow is a mystery.
    Today is a gift.
    That's why they call it the present!

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    This is what it says about Metal Rooster:

    Vehemence highlights the character of the Metal Rooster. Endowed with formidable energy and will power, he (or she) is disturbingly aggressive, always at the extremes of good and evil. People would not dare trifle with this much tortured, ambitious, proud, anxious, sadistic as well as masochistic individual. His strong and unforeseeable reactions terrify those around him. He is very much attached to his convictions, taken once and for all, and will not bear contradiction. Somehow he often finds himself in bad terms with authority. Actually, the Rooster of this combination is not possessed of as much self-assurance and daring as he wants to appear. Despite his outward bravado, his security and safety rank among his primary objectives. He is less well armed for life than he would wish. Depressions and suicidal temptations often besiege him, as much as they do other natives of the sign. But one thing is certain: He knows how to conceal his weaknesses and misfortunes by being an incorrigible braggart. Sometimes he believes in his own propaganda, and it is so much the better for him. This Rooster has a passion for the invisible. He tirelessly seeks to discover what exists or happens on the other side of things. It is why the problems of origin and quintessence all too often obsess him. His preoccupation is almost exclusively metaphysical and has nothing to do with occultism; it is more "scientific" than intuitive. He is also inclined toward asceticism, valuing suffering as a factor of redemption. With this trait he joins the majority of his brothers and sisters of the sign, who bear distinct marks of culpability and masochism. This subject tends to overdo when it comes to sex, probably in order to compensate for his feeling of inadequacy in other fields. But his excesses and perversions will give him a guilty conscience, and he will feel the need for further expiation.
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