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  • Strict Vegetarian/Vegan

    37 6.74%
  • Vegetarian/Lacto-ovo

    86 15.66%
  • Vegetarian but sometimes eat fish

    54 9.84%
  • only white meat

    70 12.75%
  • Give it to us raw and wriggling- Gollum

    302 55.01%
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Thread: Vegetarian or Carnivorous (poll)

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    Well, I am a rare one. I have been raised as a vegetarian all my life. If lacto-ovo vegetarian includes dairy products, then that's me. I wouldn't change a thing. I am quite happy with the way that I am.

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    Thumbs up Omnivore

    Quote Originally Posted by Shatril
    You missed one classification.
    Thanks, I was looking for this before I posted it.
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    My sweetie is a vegetarian and most of the meals we eat in our home is vegetarian or vegan. However, I do eat meat once in a while, and my son eats meat.

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    MMMMMMM sushi!


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    I'll admit that I like my steaks to be almost cold in the middle. Medium rare to rare.

    However, I make sure to thank whatever animal died for me to have that meat. I visualize their face and wish them peace. I've only ever been in the emergency room three times in my life - the last time was after I was a strict vegetarian for two years. Despite taking all of the vitamins, drinking protein shakes, eating protein bars and the like (never gave up my usual gallon of milk per day), I still became deathly ill. The point was, I had to start eating meat again. But that experience taught me a fine lesson in balance - how everything is okay in moderation. I eat meat three or four days a week, sometimes it's red meat, sometimes poultry, most of the time seafood. As long as I'm respectful and cognizant of the sacrifice that was made, I see no problem in it.
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    hmmmm well i got these canine teeth for a reason and I don't want to waste them but i eat alot of other stuff too so i guess i am an omnivore. I figure that the animals i eat wouldn't have been born if it weren't for the fact that someone was willing to do so, that and by doing so i am making sure that the rancher is feeding his family as well. I will not eat sushi, rabbit or veal. veal is just plain cruel and a waste as well. rabbits scream like people and well sushi most of it really freaks me out.
    I also make it a rule to not eat anything that still has a face, except crabs but i wont stay in the house when they are being steamed that depresses me too.

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    I am omnivorous. Even though I don't eat that many vegetables

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    Where is one for Meat and Veggie eater?
    I didnt vote.

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    Omnivore here. I love my meat, AND my veggies!
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    well, i just went vegan again this past week for both my health and morals and i am feeling much better( i was getting pretty sick). So perhaps it just depends on the body??? I read a few post up that somone had gotten sick from being a veggi, but for me its the opposite, so i think perhaps it varies from person to person.
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