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Thread: Grand Quintiles in October,From Egypt to now

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    Grand Quintiles in October,From Egypt to now

    Hi,Firstly i would like to apologise to Kadynas, i didnt mean to imply that my comments were directed towards her in my previous thread, i was frustrated and under pressure to research in an unbiased way very quickly.
    This is the result of my research which i hope that i can put it down on this thread in a very careful sensitive way. Some of you will wonder why it is on an astrology thread as the research will for long passages have very little to do with astrology, but if you read this to the end, you will see that it may have every thing to do with the astrology of here and now.
    Firstly i must say that im immensely in tune with the warm American people, all passive Jews,Arabs, and im not a mason hater, but by being secret, could have left the wrong impression which may be an indirect reason why religion is becoming very threatening to the U.S. by the small but powerful band of terrorists.
    Ok this isnt going to be easy to explain,Gulp, lets get started......I dont think i have to explain that the human race hasnt stopped fighting since the dawn of recorded history, and due to technical advances of the last sixty years, plus much of this dangerous technology now becoming available to more and more countries where controls are far from tight. ( enough went missing from U.S.S.R. when she broke up).
    We must find ways of living in harmony perminently and very quickly, or we all will be living on borrowed time, IT ISNT A TIME TO BE MISUNDERSTOOD, but there is evidence that we in the west are.
    Osirus was the eldest son of Nut and Geb, the sky goddess and the earth god.
    Osiris took his sister,Isis as his consort, and they ruled Egypt, but he was cut down in his prime, being murdered by his brother Seth, who cut up his corpse and threw the pieces all over Egypt. Isis in an epic search, found all the pieces but the phallus, she then joined all the pieces together using magical rites which brought Osiris back to life, although she had to provide him with an artificial phallus,by which she managed to get pregnant.
    Afterwards Osiris departed into the cosmic world of the dead, and Isis produced a son called Horus, who grew up to avenge his father by defeating seth thus becoming king of all egypt. The myths of ancient Egypt got mixed with the christian faith after jesus was crucified ,and their beliefs spread through the middle east inthe first few centuries A.D.
    The early christian church headed by saint Mark found converting Egyptians relatively easy for one reason, due to the fact that it resembled their own myths. Mary, the virgin just overlaid the Isis Horus myth, Isis was the god mother and Mary was the mother of god.
    In the early years, astrology incorperated Osiris/Isis into the Virgo/Leo story. Isis and all female moon goddesses such as vesta and ceres(Greek) were interwoven and mixed.
    Even the church got involved, as they tried to stop pagan festivals, like December 25th, they gave in after a while and just transplanted a fictional Jesus birthday on top.
    We can see how the Myths and legends got mixed by the royal star of Leo, that can apply to the mythical king Feridun, but can also fit Osiris and Zeus mythology.
    Richard the crusader fits the old myths exactly as Regulus is surposed to be the heart of the lion, hence lion heart. In the Greek legends of Zeus and the bear constellations, we find that Hercules has a prominent part with his myth of pulling the two pillars apart, that could correspond to the mason belief involving the two pillars of Jachin and Boaz. Very symbolic of 9/11 actually, with the goddess of Liberty (isis/Vesta) standing in New york Harbour while the terrorists turn the aircraft towards the two pillars of western finance.
    This could actually have been their thoughts on that black day, as you may begin to realise as we go deeper into the last 3000 yrs, but mainly the last 56 years.
    The heirogliphic Egyptian symbol for Sirius is a five pointed star,an obelisk,and a dome.
    The measurement of degrees, minutes and seconds used in the astrology chart is very ancient and corresponds to time, being very similar to our clock face. When we calcalate the five pointed star on the astrology wheel, we get the points of 72 degrees inbetween.
    In numerology, 7 and 2 makes 9 which corresponds to the end of a cycle and beginning of another. In human terms it matches our calm heartbeat, also it is 72 years for a fixed star to progress 1 degree in its slow slide around the wheel. In sacred geometry it relates to the fifth element, yet in a confusing way its attached to Venus, as its orbit forms a five pointed star,related to phi. Yet Venus relates to Seth/Set/Lucifer the light bearer, and in mundane astrology it relates to Persian/Arab interests and countries( The eclipsed moon cuts through Taurus on 28th October, and Venus rules Taurus and Libra....Bankers and diplomats/maybe politicians, we will come back to this later)
    The number five and 72 degrees can be highly confusing, i cant put all its meanings down on this report, but there are connections with Egypt, ancient Jewish mysticism, and Mayan counting methods, and needs many years of study by individuals from many counties to fully unravel its connections and meanings with astrology, sacred geometry, ancient myths and up to date science.
    The knight templars were formed in Jerusalem during the year 1118 by Hughes De Payens, Geoffrey De Saint-Omer, and seven other french knights. The order was set up to protect pilgrims who wanted to travel to the holy sites for prayer and meditation, plus defend the holy lands, being of christain faith. The knights took monastic vows and were known as the poor knights of Christ.
    King Baldwin 2nd , the king of Jerusalem, installed the headquarters of the order where they believed the temple of solomon had once stood, while they were on the site, they dug into the foundations and probably found secret mystical manuscripts, as their knowledge of sacred geometry was outstanding when they returned to France, building many cathedrals like Chartres that were far advanced in the technical ability and understanding of complex mathematical equations, counter balance. and weight, height, and arch/dome ratio's. The site of the Temple of Solomon was sensitive even in those days, as Al-Walid Ibn Abdul malik had built the Al-Aqsa mosque onthe site at the beginning of the seventh century also the Ummayad Caliph Abdul Malik Ibn Marwan had also built a mosque....THE DOME OF THE ROCK. This site could be the most dangerous place to the peoples of the world as it is nearly as important as Mecca to the Muslims, being the place they believe the prophet Mohamad ascended to heaven, Its a sacred site for Jews , being the place that Solomons Temple stood. But the greatest danger is if the Arab fanatics believe that either rightly or wrongly that the 33 degree scottish rite masons intend to rebuild the temple of Solomon. I know that sounds unbelievable but they have grounds to be confused on this point, through ill choice of dates, love of Egyptian mystical shape of their buildings/symbols and perhaps some very poor handling of foreign affairs, the masonic powerbase of Washington presidents has created a suspicious veneer that makes fanatical followers/terrorists.
    We will return to this point later, but i must say that im not attacking or trying to smear masons, but if all different forms of masons are secret, and some splinter groups have followed the magical side to the beliefs that all the masons share( inner Mysticism of Cabala, and inner teaching of ancient Egypt), How is anyone surposed to know the difference? There are so many splinter groups or different sects that have joined up like in the late 1880's when masons and Rosicrucians joined up to form The Golden Dawn. Which lodges practices magic, and which ones dont? The outer teaching is the same,yet all the temples are very symbolic, Dont have to convince me, just muslim fundimentalists that arent of the passive kind.
    The Order of Templars were confirmed at the council of troyes in 1128 by pope Honorius 2nd. The knights had held Jerusalem from 1099, other crusades were planned, but crushed by muslims in 1148 outside Damascus in Syria. Yet by 1165 the Templars were firmly established in Jerusalem and other major towns of Palestine as well as being influencial in Europe.
    The turning point came in 1187 at the Battle of Hittin, fought on the 4 July,( unfortunate coincidence, being Independence Day) When Saladin of Egypt defeated the crusaders, capturing Jerusalem, and liberating Palestine from European control. Palestine was returned to Islamic control, and remained that way till the Ottoman conquest in 1517.
    The crusaders final influence in the area was driven out in 1291, when the city of Acre was captured.
    Although a terrible defeat for the Templars , their influence, wealth and power had grown huge throughout Europe, in fact their resources were comparable to any major European country. Their base was Cypress, and they owned or had built many major places of worship throughout the continent. They owned a huge amount of land, the Spanish king , Alphonso of Aragon had donated a third of his kingdom to the Templars, the whole of Christian world was at their feet. In 1139 Pope Innocent 2nd granted the Knights international independence from obligation to any authority apart from himself.
    Much of the fragmented knowledge of a much older age had been open to them by the time they had spent inthe far east, even though so much had been destroyed by the burning of the Library, and seat of study at Alexandria, a thousand years before, it seems the Knights had been eager students, and very intensive in their search for rare jewish/arabic manuscripts of the mysteries.
    Much of their wisdom can be found in the great French Cathedrals, Notre Dame,Reims and the breath taking spendour of Chartres, The skill of Hiramic geometry. Many of their symbols were incorperated in the design of Cathedrals which continued through the middle ages by the masons ,even though the inquisition was never far away, often church officials were unaware of the ancient symbols that were hidden under a christian veneer.
    The Cathedrals were the work of the children of Solomon- a guild of specialist masons taught by the St Bernard Cisterian Order of Templars, as explained in the 19th century by the french hermeticist, Fulcanelli.
    The very richness and power of the Templars led to their down fall, as it inspired envy in many countries and kings. Philip the Fair of France was one, he owed the Templars a huge amount of money( Templars were the first bankers). In 1307 Philip arrested all the Templars in France, stealing their land and goods, and getting Pope Clement V to rubberstamp his actions. 13 October 1307 is a significant date for masons as the grand master of the Templars, Jacques De Molay was arrested by inquisitors( he was burnt at the stake outside Notre Dame, 7 years later). Unfortunately the ceremony of the laying of the cornerstone by masons when building the White House, shares the same date.
    The inquisition that followed totally broke the power of the Templars, but they survived in secret, which is probably why they are still secret today. I admire them, but the Egyptains and Ancient Jewish mystics didnt know everything, and knowledge that is kept by a few doesnt grow, and if they are very near to a seat of power, its very difficult to see if they are the normal charity raising spiritual masons that havent had the secrets passed down to, or a special splinter group who practice unusual ceremonies in their temple that could effect outcomes to world events. If you are spiritual , powerful positions are not something that appeals as you submit to the greater, also secret organisations and power doesnt mix, as you can get misunderstood in your intentions as well as the dangers of the abuse and nonaccountability that can happen when the the collective are unaware of some actions that may or may not be taking place.
    The order continued in secret with an uninterupted line of grand masters until 1705, when Philip, Duke of Orleans was elected, thus setting the scene for a partial revival, by powerful nobles. During this time, attitudes relaxed, in fact there were many hermetic student in England that didnt fear any inquisition at the time of the1666 fire of london.
    Although the Grand Lodge of England wasnt founded till 1717, much of the Hermetic tradition was studied by some of the leading minds in the country, Gresham College,and the Royal Society provided a loosely based headquarters for people that included Isaac Newton and Sir Christopher Wren, the architect(famous for St Pauls Cathedral).
    Most of the Templars wealth in England had been centred around London's Temple and Temple church but had been taken by the Crown in 1314 during the inquisition. The properties were eventually tenented by lawyers, the Benchers of the Inner Temple and Middle Temple, which can be seen in London to this day, being the Inns of Court.
    Sir Christopher Wren Had just returned from Paris and gained king Charles 2nd's interest with his plans for London. Incredibly the date of the bonding of the agreement between the king and Wren seems amazingly similar to the bonding of ideas between George Washington and the French architect L'enfant. Both architect's were proposing new plans for the Capitol, and it would seem both wanted to include much of the craftsmanship of the Templars knowledge, yet both occasions were separated by over a 100 years.
    The significant date that by Coincidence is important to both Wren and L'enfant is 11th SEPTEMBER 1666 and 11th SEPTEMBER 1789.
    St Pauls Cathedral's floor plan has a marked resemblence to what we know of Solomons Temple. The laying of the cornerstone was changed to 23 June 1675, which doesnt correspond to any symbolic date, if you are using the Julian calender, but in 1675, there was a choice of calenders, as Pope Gregory 13th had adopted the Gregorian calender on Feb. 24th 1582, so England was being a slow in adopting the new calender. By converting the Julian date of 23rd June to the Gregorian counterpart we get 4th July, which corresponds to the battle of Hattin and the loss of the rock on the mount in Jerusalem, plus American independence day.( The American vote was taken on the 2nd July and made known to the general public on the 6 July, so have no idea why the fourth was eventually chosen).
    Before we back track to France , i think an explanation of how Scottish rites got included in a more powerful lodge in America when most of the dogma came from the continent.
    After the death of Jaques De Molay, 50 knights excaped and settled in the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland, where they founded new lodges, hence " Scottish Rites.
    Paris has a strange association with Isis as it owes it's name to her, in ancient times Lutece ( Paris) was a province of the Roman empire, and actually had a temple of Isis near by, over time Lutece was dropped and the area started to be called (latin) PAR-ISI meaning near Isis.
    During the French Revolution and after, high ranking masons seemed to be prominently active. During later times , it cant be proven that Napoleon was a freemason, but he was surrounded by them, including Tallyrand, Monge, Kleber and most of Napoleons Family, including his father, 3 brothers, Josephine and his brother-in-law.
    Also there were many lodges named after him.
    The Nine Sisters Lodge was founded in 1776 in Paris, within three years Benjamin Franklin was appointed grand master!!!! American FRENCH HERO LAFAYETTE was also a prominent mason. The doctrines of Isis, hermetic science, the five pointed star, and the scottish rite masons had crossed the Atlantic to America.
    This is only a brief outline in regards to France, there is lots of sacred geometry within Paris that ive missed out due to space and length of article
    The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masonary uses a great deal of christian symbolism,this particular branch had lodges in Claremont France, which spread to the U.S. evolving degrees till 1825 when the grand council established a 33 degree.
    The original headquarters was founded at charleston , two very influencial masons involved with 33 degree lodges were Albert Gallatin Mackay( 1807 1881) and Albert Pike (
    1809 1891). Whether it is true or not, there seemed to be a lot of gossip surounding these two men during their lives concerning their interest in the Occult.
    In 1827 a egyptian obelisk was taken that had once stood at Alexandria, and placed at the exact site of the execution of Marie Antoinette and Louise 16th on the Place De La Concorde. Many obelisks have been taken from the place of origin to be resited in important european settings- New york has one , transported by masons, that is now in central park, its one of a pair , the other is on the Thames embankment, London.
    President Mitterand included a glass pyramid at the Louvre.
    The Statue of Liberty was given by french masons to New york, cornerstone details are on attachment. Most investigators think the statue symbolises Isis, but as all isis myths seem to have been mixed, Ive a feeling that Vesta/Hestia features strongly as the Goddess holding the light or fire for new travellers to the new world, her myth is to tend the sacred Flame. Vesta /Isis emigrated to Greece from Mycenaean Crete, so is in tune with displaced people looking for a new life, helping unity and cohesion of the family and state.(see asteroid Goddesses, Demetra George ,Page 118.)
    On 18th Sept. 1793 George washington , wearing a masonic apron previously owned by Lafayette laid a cornerstone on Jenkins Hill, the site of future capitol , Washington D.C.
    Aligning A city or temple to the stars was practiced in Egypt, please read Brady's book of fixed stars. Ok i need to jump to modern times now, there is a lot of symbolism in Washington that dates from the early years of the founding fathers, you will find most of it on attachment, i dont need to write a lot on that , its up to you to decide if it is intentional or merely decorative. Siruis and Spica seem to be aligned with the White House cornerstone and the statue of Liberty, Im only reasonably sure ive got the actual time on these two. Siruis and spica have special links with Isis, Spica by being the major star of Virgo, thus mixed into the myth of the Virgin and the harvest. And no self respecting Egyptian would do anything before knowing where Sirius was in the sky. Thus by the egyptian sign of a five pointed star being Sirius we may together try to work out some meaning of the October Grand Quintiles whether that be by reading astrology or reading it as a symbol for unconnected astrological events that may unfold, whatever it means lets hope the worst is a bad thunder storm created by the eclipse over New York.
    Now comes the tricky part, ive got to be very very diplomatic as we turn the page and run into events of the 20th century, i really dont want to upset anyone, so lets go for it.
    When i run through these dates, im supplying a comment that although diplomatically written, is just an imaginary opinion that an arab or jew may have, but the opinion, hasnt anything to do with my opinion, but to try to put on paper all points of view, im having to play devils advocate. I know i am unsuitable to try this as i cant begin to realise the massive suffering, both Jews and Arabs have endured, yet my motive is for harmony, and i sympathise with all passive people who are troubled by events in the middle east.
    In 1948, i wonder what went wrong, we put so much effort into the independence of India in 1947, and the world was still suffering the effects that the second world war had caused, I cant believe that politicians from the U.N. , America, and obviously England who had a mandate to look after the Palestine region, just let a vacuum appear, and let this whole problem get out of hand. I sympathise with Jews, they had suffered in adopted countries with racism and hardship during the centuries, and i can appreciate the deep longing they must of had to form the Jewish state of Israel, but they must of been surprised that after declaring the state of Israel, Most western countries followed president Trumans lead in supporting diplomatic recognition. This was always going to be a place of suffering under this arrangement. Israel would find concessions difficult now, having spilt so much blood and the lack of harmony between themselves and the Palestinians. But with a little help from the U.N. in 1948, im sure both parties would have managed to live with far more harmony, where nobody ends up getting all they want, but is a workable arrangement.......with so much blood spilt, its very difficult to find the solution now. Obviously Palestinians are very suspicious of the wests motives, as a lot of muslims could be. Maybe we in the west have created the wrong impression, or there may have been motives for some of our actions, but i think we should look at this area in detail, as the middle eastern mind can think very differently from the western anglo-saxon mind and the imaginary arab opinion would express deep misgivings over the the unbiased attitude we try to express............. being seen to be unbiased is the only clear way for achieving peace. The day has come that an individual suicide bomber can make as much suffering as the complex computer controlled weapons of a rich country.
    Support for a Jewish state came as early as 2nd November 1917 when Lord Arthur James Balfour, a leading British politician, having been prime minister, but was foreign secretary at that time sent a letter later known as the Balfour declaration to Lord Edmund De Rothchild supporting the establishment of a Jewish National home in Palestine. Nothing is wrong in a opinion, and the world community did have sympathy over this issue. But probably Lord Balfour was the wrong person to express this view, as although there isnt proof but there is a opinion that he was a golden arch mason. Whether this is true or not,isnt the issue, i think Arab suspicions over mason politicians have been growing from this point, actually events can look this way,over the palestine problem. Obviously masons would exclaim their innocence, but in the field of politics, suspicions are always going to be on the agenda if you are a secret organisation that take oaths which we all would wonder if there were times that the oath was stronger than who you are perceived to be in a political role. Why does all this have to be secret? After all no one has been burnt at the stake for a very long time.
    I could put more dates and comments down but in an attempt to say as little as possible in case i cause an upsetting clanger by writing my self into a hole, i think i will move on to the war years.
    Roosevelt was the 32nd president and he was a 32 degree mason, Truman was his vice president and a 33 degree mason. These degrees come from an elite branch called the supreme council of the 33rd degree founded in 1801 in Charleston South Carolina, and there is evidence that this lodge was a mixture of the knights Templar,and normal craft masonry. In the imaginary Islamic view, these two presidents were perceived to have created the modern State of Israel, in this world of secret societies wires can get crossed, and as the Masons blazing star could correspond to the pentacle formed for the morning star, and Lucifer, light bearer, then the Washington masons could be viewed as satanic by fundamentalists. It doesnt take long for a religious mind to realise that an unfortunate use of 31 , 32, and 33 degrees are found in the actual geographic latitudes and parallels that are contained in the modern state of Israel. The original Templars took a oath to protect the mount of the rock against muslims, in fact within masonic circles there is some symbolism connected to rebuilding Solomons Temple.
    I think its time to come away from the Palestine question and view this from a different perspective, and show how a secret society can get it self into trouble, by the known fact that symbolic dates are used. Im only using this as an example but although im not implying the next few paragraphs are true, and it certainly not my opinion that i believe that president Truman could have involved himself in this type of symbolism, I will write this in a graphic way....please remember that although this event accured my writing of it is pure fiction,but by being shocked you may think its time to elect a non mason as president, as our pressing need is peace in the middle east and if half the people at the negotiating table havent any form of trust in the policy because of misguided or true accusations about masonic presidents, then we are not going to get too far.

    Pure Fiction in a graphic way
    Between 1943 and 1947 Pluto was involved in the Heliacal rising of Sirius at the latitude of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as indeed other places along this latitude. But it was further complicated by Achernar Culminating. In August 1945 Uranus was rising with El Nath, which comes out as a very powerful mixture of fixed stars, which is perfect for a bit of electional mundane astrology, to give a bomb an edge when its cutting edge and not tested to a great degree.
    Symbolic joining of dates would have been sickening if there was any reason to believe this, which THERE ISNT.
    So lets look at the 6th of August 1945 in a symbolic way,.....I imagine the civilians of Horoshima might have had time to look up into the sky to see the brilliant white light in the split second before they were vapourised leaving the shadow etched in the pavement, very symbolic of the power of Sirius the scorcher! Those civilians further away may have seen the symbolic white cloud spirraling towards heaven , and they may have thought this was a divine sign of the creator. Im not trying to make any statement by this creative writing, i know a lot of allied lives were saved by dropping the bomb on Japan.
    But i can now show how people can be misunderstood by being involved in politics as well as secret symbolic mysticism that involved Pyramids and fixed stars.
    Fiction........America has much in its history to signify a link with Sirius , so on August 6 1945 being the 218th day of the year=11, a B29=11 dropped an atomic bomb called LITTLE BOY on Hiroshima. The commanderin chief was president Truman 33 degree mason. As there is a little evidence that dates and symbolism is joined in a creative way by certain masons, Lets see what August 6 corresponds to,.... actually it shares the date with a christian feast called the transfiguration of Christ. If i was to write symbolically it would go like this,....Please dont take this seriously, im only showing how superstition and mysticism surounding politicians can get very offensive, when chance and misinterpretation of events are perceived to be true.
    The two events could be seen to be very similar, as Jesus climbed up the mount followed by two disciples, where a transfiguration took place, as Christ was transformed into a cosmic super being, rays of brilliant white light streamed from him. The disciples had to turn their heads for the light burnt their eyes. This meant that they were able to see another symbol of the divine, as a large white cloud formed overhead, and a voice was heard within it " This is my son with whom i am well pleased"......Truman was aware of the moment the bomb was dropped, talking to the pilot while aboard a cruiser.
    I wonder if his thoughts corresponded with the biblical cloud as his " LITTLE BOY" dropped through the sky over Hiroshima. Actually Sirius wasnt far from 33 degree latitude.
    To most Christians this fictional diversion of Trumans motives would make them feel physically sick, I can well believe that you could get very angry with me for this story, all the facts are true but obviously Truman wasnt thinking in this way. But im not sure that some muslims could feel the same in the presence of a masonic president. I think that clicked home.
    The last part of this report is to do with the amount of 9 and 11 sites that have sprung up and if there is any true meaning to these will see that i used 11 in my fictional story, i should have included Camp David in it, what a good name to promote goodwill, perhaps Bush will have a meeting between the interested parties there.
    Please dont think im against Jews, im not, but things are very dodgy at the moment, we need to be very politically correct and unbiased, because the Jews and Arabs cant solve their problems by themselves, somebody who is squeaky clean could make the difference
    Lets look at a few 9/11 numbers in an unbiased way.
    But before we start I would have to say that you have to be very careful in interpretation as numbers can join simply because man has been laying down the master number 11 for centuries, so you have to be sure of the cycle that you are joining with. Also all the different calenders can be confusing and unconnected numbers can spring up because of a date of a festival that changes each year. A good example of this is Mohammed's Calendar that was started early in the seventh century, and follows the moon, having a year composed of 354.36 days resulting in 19 years of 354 days and 11 of 355. The Ethiopean and Coptic new year always falls on the 11 sept. except on a leap year, so the date of the Egyptain constitution on 9/11 isnt that unusual. The assasination of Nobel peace prize winner Rabin, Israel's foreign minister on 9/11 is much more interesting.
    Actually i did have a terrorist target on paper once before the hit, and it was by following an eclipse route, which i mention here as it was nearly the same as 28 October. it was during a bad time for, last November when the concordence was over London in the small hours of 9th Nov(9/11) The Eclipse run through Taurus to Scorpio, love of the material world under threat of Scorpio? I looked up the Moons house for mundane cities in Parkers Astrology New Edition Page45 and found oldest association was Istanbul but NEW YORK WAS ALSO MENTIONED. Taurus has links with bankers so i looked for British banking interests in Istanbul on the web, where i found H.S.B.C. building which is eleven by working out numerology. Im not sure why but i seemed drawn to the other sign that Venus rules, Libra where i found the diplomatic feel, hence Consulate and Consul General which both worked out to 11. Eleven days after on the 20th of November both the Consulate and the H.S.B.C. building were hit. Ive done enough writing , im going to leave this now. The Monk.

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    Wow, dude... this is awesome stuff! Keep it coming... I /love/ your notebook pages!
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    Hi Everyone,
    As the "Da Vinci Code" has created a lot of interest, and the film is about to be in our cinema's, i thought i would dust off a thread i wrote on Mysticwicks nearly 3 years ago, although it is a very early thread, it seems it might be topical.

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    one important thing that needs to be adressed is that the movie is completely fictional . my question is, if it is only a movie, and claims to be fiction, why is the vatican up in arms about it, and why is everyone in Rome willling to condemn hollywood yet the Pope is silent in the issue...
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    Another Last Supper feminine, not by Da Vinci.

    Hi Everyone,
    On attachment is a painting of the "Last Supper" by Jacopo Bassano, in 1542, any idea's to the sex of the figure in the middle of the painting seated under Christ's hand?



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