View Poll Results: Gemstones for Engagement/ Wedding/ Handfasting Rings?

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  • Diamond

    39 45.88%
  • Amethyst

    15 17.65%
  • Rose Quartz

    6 7.06%
  • Moonstone

    12 14.12%
  • Sapphire

    16 18.82%
  • Emerald

    23 27.06%
  • Garnet

    6 7.06%
  • Ruby

    18 21.18%
  • Onyx

    5 5.88%
  • Other, please post

    16 18.82%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Gemstones for Engagement/Wedding/Handfasting Rings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eijse
    Arabs like 21k yellow gold on their women, but my own doesn't like the colour much!
    Hehehehe. I recall when you asked me if I wanted sliver or gold for a wedding band, I said platinium! I like things that don't have a yellowy look to them, like white gold, sliver, or platinium.

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    My ex gave me a beautiful amethyst ring for an engagement ring. When we got married, I wore it on my right hand and had a platinum 3 stone ring as my wedding band.
    So I had the best of both worlds of traditional and personal rings.

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    BEEEEP! Update: due to the lack of amethyst rings in our city, my engagement ring is silver one with garnets - kind of "elvish work", very delicate, very beautiful
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    My engagement ring is white gold with a garnet & 2 teeny diamonds on either side "for sparkle," as my fiancee put it. When we get handfasted, our rings will be be white gold bands, likely with no stones of any kind.
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    i'm an 'other' kind of girl because i am a firm believer in whatever you want/need you will get ... i wear two rings from my husband ... a silver band ring engraved by an hopi artisan and a brass/indigo sapphire ring he bought in thailand for me ... both rings i have managed NOT to loose ... and both were bought for me well before we were married.

    for our wedding rings/bands ... we tried to get some but got in to a huge argument over what ring i wanted ... i'm a simple girl from a farm, he's a ... well, let's just say he performs on stage for a living ... SOOOO, we ended up calling my dear friend last minute to stop by a silver store and pick up two silver bands (we both resonate with silver) ... they were both too big and we have both since stopped wearing them, but we still have them and will likely do something with them for our daughter ...

    so, i get to wear my hopi band and my sapphire ring (which i only have been comfortable wearing over the past two years now even though having received it ... gosh ... nearly 12 years ago), which i interchange on my two 'ring fingers' ... and he wears whatever he's feeling at the moment. right now, its a silver navaho bear claw with a piece of black coral in it.

    so ... short version ... my answer would be 'all of the above and anything else you're feeling!'
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    My husband proposed to me with a beautiful diamond solitare with a cut that makes it look like falling glitter in overhead light. It is set in white gold because he knows all I wear is silver and he wanted it to match the rest of my jewlery.

    Our wedding bands are similar but not matching. His is plat with gold edges. Mine is white gold with gold edges.
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    Wedding Colors?

    Eh, I don't like it so much.

    If you just want to make things look cheerful and colorful, pick gently contrasting colors like green and pink, purple and gold, etc.

    But hey, don't listen to us! It's YOUR DAY! Do whatever the heck you want.


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    On Beltane this year my boyfriend and I are conducting our own handfasting. We both wear silver pentacle rings, so we decided to use those and have each other bless the rings as part of the ritual. Once we're out of college and actually have money, though, I'd love to have an amethyst and moonstone ring of some sort...:D
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    My engagement ring is white gold with a .5 karat tanzanite in the center and two diamonds on either side in a wave setting.

    ^ tanzanite. Almost the exact color of my ring.

    It's kind of a funny story how I got the fiance and I had been looking for ages, but because we have so little money between us, nothing was coming up right. We finally found my ring for $75 at the Jewelry Exchange and were like "hells yeah, let's go." When he had it appraised later, for insurance, we found out that it's actually worth about $750. Overall, I'd say we made out pretty well :3
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    I also am not a big fan of diamonds but I don't hate them. My engagement ring is a cushion cut emerald surrounded by diamonds and my wedding band consists of 3 rows of diamonds.

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