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Thread: Former Christians

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilith79 View Post
    I left the church because I didn't agree with the bible anymore. I found too many contradictions, and was given the instructions to 'ignore it' when I asked about it-or I was told I was misunderstanding it, but given no explaination beyond that. I was also sick and tired of the cliques and hippocracy. Being Baptist didn't make sense to me anymore.
    I was atheist for a while, but found I couldn't believe in nothing, and then I found Wicca.
    This pretty much sums it up for me but I didn't just stick with Wicca either. I'm sort of Christo Pagan now but the only way I can accept that is through the esoteric side of Christianity. I was very born again for a while went to church bible school the whole kit and kaboodle. But I had issues. It started with my not marrying my husband in a church... we are common law. Where in the bible does it say marriage must be done before a priest pastor or judge...? It doesn't! It snowballed from there. The bible started raising more questions than it answered and when I sought out answers from the Christian field all I could get was "have faith and pray!" After a while it didn't cut the mustard anymore and I went to Wicca which helped a lot at first...but not entirely. I'm on a journey and I am not nearly done yet. It's interesting but it can be difficult, just when I think I have the answers the questions change. Ah well faith like a river! Go with the flow and see where you go!

    Hypocrisy however blatant in the Christian field is not exclusive to Christians. It seems to be a human condition.


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    Christianity was unable to answer my questions in any satisfactory manner. It also did and did not reject me because I'm gay (some Christians say I am loved by God, others say I'm hated ... no one could give me a straight answer). Too many contradictions, the numerous disagreeing factions were a turn-off (if Christians can't agree on even the most basic tenents of their faith, how could they expect me to continue to take it seriously?). In the end, it just wasn't spiritually or philosophically fulfilling for me.

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    There was to much that just didn't click with me anymore.... like others have said to much contradiction.... I still believe in a few things but a lot of it is just to wide spread when it comes to being a fact for me....

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