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Thread: Former Christians

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    Quote Originally Posted by charmedkisses1
    Though I haven't found any huge contradictions in the BIble (the n.t. overwrites the o.t. to most christians, the o.t. is more history to them) it's not my main source of insparation. Beautiful book though... Proverbs and Song of Solomon are great.
    Hahaha...Song of Solomon...introducing Christians all over the world to soft core porn!

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    The Song of Solomon is great!

    I also love the Proverbs. Some of them..truer words were ne'er spoken.
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    I'm still a Christian, probably what you might called a "fundamentalist."

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    Originally Posted by charmedkisses1
    Though I haven't found any huge contradictions in the BIble (the n.t. overwrites the o.t....
    There are plenty even in just the new testament too. Like comparing the trial/death/resurrection of Jesus in the 4 gospels – the details are different and often are contradictory. Or several others. If you are interested I can send you some – but it really isn’t important.

    Lasso wrote:
    I'm still a Christian, probably what you might called a "fundamentalist."
    Welcome to MW, whatever your beliefs are!

    Love & light-

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    Wink Former Christian

    I was raised very strictly in the baptist faith. I began to question the faith around age 12 when i asked questions and was told that I just had be a good girl and believe. I also discovered at that time an afinity for card reading and dream fortelling. When I approached the church elders with questions regarding this HELLO lecture city. I was going to hell and eventually was asked to leave the church as I was undermining the church morals - their words not mine.

    I now raise my daughters in the Wiccan faith. I find that I am raising daughters that are unbiased and accepting of all different faiths. I do not limit them to my faith but rather allow them the choice as they grow older. While I believe that the christian faith has its good points I find that it is limiting. Limiting in the way that acceptance of others and their faiths are not done. I also have a problem with the fact that it seems to be a very male oriented religion.

    Well thats my two cents worth - lol
    Blessings to all

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    I became a Christian five years ago, but left the [Pentecostal] church due to differences in opinion. I suppose I'd still [somewhat] consider myself a Christian (in a loose sense of the word), though I lean more toward the Gnostic and/or Mystic persuasions.
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    I left 'the church' for so many reasons... saying that natural things are supernatural and evil... being judgmental and condemning instead of loving and supporting... saying that any belief or religion that wasn't theirs (that particular church) was a cult and evil... almost everything a person could do was evil... because they give God the credit for good things and blame Satan for bad things and never take responsibility for their own choices and actions... but mostly because God never answered me when I called out to him and the Goddess did.
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    I left because I wasn't happy with Christianity. I felt that I needed to change religions, so I did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilith79
    How many of us on here are there?
    Why did you leave Christianity?
    Until I was 15, I was Christian, in a couple very intolerant and almost cultish belief systems. Why did I leave?

    A) I found serious contradictions in the Bible.
    B) I couldn't logically (and still can't) accept the concept of an omnipotent, omniscient being who is so concerned with being worshipped that he throws temper tantrums and tosses people in hell for not believing in him (and that's the view I was raised with of the Christian god). Nor could I accept a belief system that told me my psychic abilities were evil. Not to mention that I realized that I believe in a much more secular view of the universe.
    C) I couldn't accept the intolerant views that the religion I was raised in espoused.
    D) I just didn't believe it in my gut or my heart.
    E) I wasn't about to live my life in fear and that's what I was raised with on a spiritual level.

    I left when I took a philosophy of religion class in my first year of college. I was 15 and searching in my heart. Our teacher--a minister--told us to question our beliefs and if they didn't hold up under scrutiny, toss them out. I did and they didn't and I tossed.

    It took me four years of searching to find my way to Witchcraft, (not Wicca), but once I hit it, that was it--it was my path. I don't practice Wicca because I don't believe in all the tenets that it holds, either. I don't follow the Rede, nor do I believe that all gods are one god, etc.

    But what I do works for me.

    I have a number of Christian friends--from a couple devout and rather conservative Christians (who respect my beliefs rather than try to tell me I'm wrong) to liberal Christians who are almost Pagan/New Age. I've got friends who are Buddhist, atheist, agnostic, Pagan, Jewish....I don't base my friendships on religion, but on the actions of the person in question. However, the minute someone tries to convert me, they're out my door and off my list of friends.

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    Raised a minister's kid.
    Never felt like I fit in.
    The members all treated me like I was the odd one out but still managed to push THEIR assignments onto me.

    Just 2 months ago, I traveled an hour to make an announcement to another church because no one at this church wanted to do it. I'm not even a church member anymore. They can't go to their own people to say "hey, help us help people"?! What's this with "go forth and teach all nations?" why do they sit there listening to sermons and talking about helping others? What's the point, when they can't even talk to their own people, and the people they're supposed to help, they won't even give the time of day on the street?
    But they sit around on their high horses, talking about how good they are (they honestly do) and when I walk into church they look down on me for absolutely no reason whatsoever?

    I'm sorry, but the churches I've been to have been stuck in the "i'm in a highschool clique, and the coolest one around and everyone else sucks" thing for way too long, and they're happy that way.
    My dad got so frustrated that before he retired, he threatened to annul his ordination. He wouldn't do that unless he was REALLY mad, I know how much being a minister means to him.

    Honestly, I left the church because I am ashamed to be associated with those people. The Bible talks about the church of Laodicea being lukewarm, and according to their prophet, Laodicea is a symbol for today's church.
    Just because the Bible says that they're lukewarm doesn't mean that they have to only live up to the lukewarm status. It's meant as a warning. It says that God will spit them out, because they're lukewarm! But they don't do anything about that. They're happy sitting there like a bunch of idiots, talking about how great they are without bothering to prove it by helping others.
    I hope I'm making some sort of sense.

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