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Thread: Your opinion of

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    Jul 2004

    Question Your opinion of

    What is your opinion of There is so much information to be found on the site in articles, do you think they are credible, accurate etc?

    Personally I do not get the chance to visit the site as often as I'd like although I'm registered and posted a poem on there. I need to make it my homepage. I have no complaints with anything on the site. I wish I had the time to just sit and read the articles.
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    Yeah, I think it's probably the single best site for neopagans on the internet (next to this one, of course!)

    Wren Walker is very respected in the community, and I've yet to find any factual inaccuracies in any of her articles.
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    I think its a great site and their articals to be very imformative and researched.

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    I enjoy reading their articles when I can find the time to. There's SO MUCH there, I'm just totally behind.

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    It's not only a great site for information, it's helpful for networking and finding other pagans near you. They do have a pretty secure registration process to prevent people from getting e-mail addresses for spam. I've gotten quite a few replies to my listing over the years, never any problems.
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    I think it's a wonderful site! I get lost there! (in a good way!) I thinks it is a valuable, useful resource.

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    May 2004
    I enjoy and utilize the site on a daily basis. It is an easy way to keep up with the events going on in my area, and the majority of the members of my circle found us through TWV. I have been fotunate enough to speak with Wren on several occasions--Skye's battle with cancer closely mirrors the one my brother is fighting--and she has always been more than wonderful to me.

    I recommend TWV to people all the time. I just wish that more would donate to it so that we don't lose this very vaulable resource.

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    I love it! Lots of info and networking!

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    Feb 2004
    Witchvox is so awesome. I love that place because it gives me the chance to see what others are thinking on various religious topics. HOWEVER, if only my stupid Anti- non-Christian internet filter wasn't bothering me! I have no control over it, my mom pays for the net, not me. And I'm not sure how she'll react when I tell her I can't go on Witchvox or I can't type in "goth" or "satanism" in the search engines. Except she does know that I study various religions.

    She also has trouble doing searches b/c she does geneaology, so it's tough.

    But on the subject of Witchvox, they're great!

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    It's how I found this place. So
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