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Thread: Astral Projection

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    I have tried it yet although i came close to once but recently i've been doing other things (looking for a job, University work, etc) but i think that once you get out, then you can pretty much do anything e.g. go to another place on this world or maybe another world like projecting into one of the Norse nine worlds, journey to an underworld of your choice e.g. Norse, Greek, Summerian, etc, meet dead people, other beings, any deities you know, etc. At least thats what i've heard. If you want to learn astral projection, i think Davens Journal has lessons and one that i'm using (when i get to it) is Witchcraft From The Ground UP on (it's on the links page) but there's also lots of information on the internet and books too.

    Hope i helped

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    Merry Meet all...

    Tonight I did my 1st astral projection and it was quite enjoyable and peaceful. I was sitting in a large field in the middle of a forest on a large flat stone that was red, blue, and beige. Out of the woods came a woman (I think). The glimpses I saw of her face revealed that she was very pretty, perhaps roman or greek in origin (Diana). I noticed on her right hand she was wearing a blue and white intertwined bracelet. I think it was leather, but not sure. We did not speak or touch, but we looked at each in a curious way. Her face was very close to mine, as if she was examining me. I did not fear her in any way (BTW, it was a full moon). Then out of no where her head turned into the head of a dragon, blue in color. I will add that I am attracted to dragons. I have a a dragon on my alter and a large dragon tattoo on my altar.

    When she transformed she was not threatening in any way, nor did she speak any words. However, I did experience some fear (although I was in a circle). I did not run and cherished the experience. She then left. I stood up and walked away. As I walked away, back to my entrance point, it was warm with a gentle breeze. I noticed that within the tree line there were black figures or silhouettes of wolves following me. This did not seem to scary to me as I am quite attracted and familiar with wolves.

    My question I guess is any suggestions thoughts about this beautiful woman suddenly changing into a dragon? What could this mean? I am eager to go back but don't want to rush. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Brightest Blessings,

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