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    pagan children's book list

    Watership Down
    Richard Adams
    The story follows a warren of Berkshire rabbits fleeing the destruction
    of their home by a land developer. As they search for a safe haven,
    skirting danger at every turn, we become acquainted with the band and
    its compelling culture and mythos.

    Castle of Llyr
    Lloyd Alexander
    Because Princess Eilonwy possesses magical powers, she is sought by the
    most evil enchantress in the land.

    The Black Cauldron
    Lloyd Alexander
    In this second book in the award-winning fantasy series, The Prydain
    Chronicles, Prince Gwydion leads the quest to destroy the Black
    Cauldron--chief implement of the evil powers of the Lord of the Land of
    Death. "The reader's involvement is intense as the excitement leads up
    to the climactic meeting of tragedy and triumph."--The Horn Book.
    Newbery Honor Book; ALA Notable Children's Book.

    The High King
    Lloyd Alexander
    In this fifth and final chronicle of Prydain the forces of good and evil
    meet in ultimate confrontation.

    Taran Wanderer
    Lloyd Alexander
    Taran Wanderer is perhaps the most personal of all the Prydain
    Chronicles, as the story focuses on Taran searching for his lineage.
    Taran is an orphan, raised by the wizard Dallben, and he wondered for a
    long time who his parents really were.

    The Book Of Three
    Lloyd Alexander
    The tale of Taran, assistant pig keeper, has been entertaining young
    readers for generations. Set in the mythical land of Prydain (which
    bears a more than passing resemblance to Wales), Lloyd Alexander's book
    draws together the elements of the hero's journey from unformed boy to
    courageous young man. Taran grumbles with frustration at home in the
    hamlet Caer Dallben; he yearns to go into battle like his hero, Prince
    Gwydion. Before the story is over, he has met his hero and fought the
    evil leader who threatens the peace of Prydain: the Horned King.

    The Foundling
    Lloyd Alexander
    Eight short stories dealing with events that preceded the birth of
    Taran, the Assistant Pig-Keeper and key figure in the author's five
    works on the Kingdom of Prydain.

    David Almond
    Ten-year-old Michael was looking forward to moving into a new house. But
    now his baby sister is ill, his parents are frantic, and Doctor Death
    has come to call. Michael feels helpless. Then he steps into the
    crumbling garage. . . . What is this thing beneath the spiders' webs and
    dead flies? A human being, or a strange kind of beast never before seen?
    The only person Michael can confide in is his new friend, Mina.
    Together, they carry the creature out into the light, and Michael's
    world changes forever. .

    The Pagan Kids Activity Book
    Amber k Ages 12 and under
    The book has pages which include: moon phases, what a worship circle is
    and means to a pagan, aspects of the Goddess and the God, various pagan
    symbols and their meanings, a discussion of the various pagan holidays
    (focusing mostly on Celtic/Wicca ones), and discusses the Wiccan Rede.
    As well there are mazes, games, and puzzles for kids to do.

    Trees : Trees Identified by Leaf, Bark & Seed (Fandex Family Field
    Steven M. L. Aronson
    It's the easiest and most fool-proof tree identification guide
    available. Four visual keys--die-cut leaf, bark pattern, distinguishing
    flower, seed, or nut, and photo of the full tree--and descriptions of
    height, shape, habitat, and more combine to give a complete picture of
    North America's forest and backyard trees. In addition, TREES is a
    cultural history--of the mighty White Oak and California Redwood, the
    tree that grows in Brooklyn and the important White Ash, as useful for
    Native American bows as for the powerful bats of our national pastime.
    50 individually die-cut cards, full-color throughout

    Lucky 13 Teen Witch No.1
    Megan Barnes

    Be Careful What You Wish For Teen Witch No. 2
    Megan Barnes

    Gone With the Witch Teen Witch No 3
    Megan Barnes

    Witch Switch Teen Witch No 4
    Megan Barnes

    The Merlin Series
    T.A. Barron

    The Book of Virtues for Young People : A Treasury of Great Moral Stories
    William Bennett
    Over one hundred stories and poems are grouped together by the virtue
    they illustrate, including faith, honesty, and courage. The selections,
    both literary and historic, include original pieces by Walt Whitman and
    Martin Luther and retellings from the Bible and Greek mythology. Bennett
    begins each of the ten chapters with an explanation of the particular
    virtue; the material is widely available elsewhere without Bennett's
    moral overtones. Ind. -- Copyright C 1997 The Horn Book, Inc.

    The Wacky Witch War
    Wendy Bright
    When Papa finally lets her go to school with other children, Wendy the
    Witch is the happiest little girl in town. Then Papa gets into a
    spell-casting war with Wendy's teacher, and it's up to Wendy's
    spell-cruncher to save the day!------ Ingram

    Bullfinch's Mythology
    Thomas Bull Finch
    Thomas Bulfinch was an 18th-century amateur historian who researched and
    cross-referenced ancient myths and legends with literature and art. For
    almost a century and a half, BULFINCH'S MYTHOLOGY has been the text by
    which these great tales of gods, goddesses, and heroes have been known.
    Often used as a text by students, the book is an indispensable guide to
    cultural values of the past.-----Ingram

    The Secret Garden
    Frances Hodgson Burnett
    THE SECRET GARDEN is a wonderfully symbolic story about children finding
    love and happiness through their mutual delight in the magic of nature
    and in each other. Frances Hodgson Burnett creates characters so strong
    and distinct, young readers continue to identify with them even 85 years
    after they were conceived. (Ages 9 to 12)

    Aria of the Sea
    Dia Calhoun
    Her mother always dreamed that Cerinthe would become a dancer. Cerinthe
    chose instead to train as a healer. But when her healing powers fail to
    save her mother from death at the hands of the Black Ship, Cerinthe
    travels to Faranor to attend the yearly Trial at The School of Royal
    Dancers. After Cerinthe is accepted as a student, her personal trials
    begin in earnest. Rather than being happy about her opportunity to study
    dance, she is filled with an emptiness she can't identify. The tricks of
    jealous students make her life miserable. And worst of all, she can no
    longer hear the Sea Maid's joyous song. It takes an ill-fated
    competition to make Cerinthe realize that she must decide between what
    others want for her and what she wants for herself.

    Dia Calhoun
    Jonathon is haunted by his difference from everyone else in the Valley.
    And even his father won't listen to questions about his heritage. Could
    Jonathon be a Dalriada one of the mountain people who have magnificent
    horses, mystical powers, and blue eyes like his? "In the tradition of
    Robin McKinley's The Blue Sword ... Jonathon's quest evokes a timeless
    struggle for identity amid vivid imagery, heartbreaking loss, and a
    subtle weave of fantasy." School Library Journal

    The Education of Little Tree
    Forrest Carter
    The memoir of a Cherokee boyhood in the 1930s. The most sensitive and
    evocative autobiographical account ever of the Cherokee way, as seen
    through the eyes of a young boy in the Appalachian Mountains.

    Wildflowers (Fandex Family Field Guides)
    Ruth Rogers Clausen
    Wildflowers: large, bright die-cuts - often as big as the flower or even
    bigger - and true-to-life colors make this foolproof way to identify 47
    of North America's wildflowers.

    The Willow Maiden
    Meghan Collins

    The Dark Is Rising Sequence/Silver on the Tree/The Grey
    King/Greenwitch/The Dark Is Rising/Over Sea, Under Stone
    Susan Cooper
    In the five-title series of novels known as The Dark Is Rising Sequence,
    these children pit the power of good against the evil forces of Dark in
    a timeless and dangerous battle that includes crystal swords, golden
    grails, and a silver-eyed dog that can see the wind. Susan Cooper's
    highly acclaimed fantasy novels, steeped in Celtic and Welsh legends,
    have won numerous awards, including the Newbery Medal and the Newbery
    Honor. Now all five paperback volumes have been collected in one smart
    boxed set. These classic fantasies, complex and multifaceted, should not
    be missed, by child or adult.

    Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher (Magic Shop)
    Bruce Coville
    (gr. 4-7)
    While evading the class bullies one afternoon, Jeremy Thatcher discovers
    a magic shop and buys a small marbled ball there. It turns out to be an
    egg that hatches into red dragon Tiamat (who is invisible to everyone
    but Jeremy and one of his friends). Jeremy cares for the dragon until
    the day when it must return to its own world. A simple fantasy about

    All I See Is Part of Me
    C.M. Curtis
    This spiritual book provides a wonderful introduction to the belief of
    oneness with our universe. By inspiring a feeling of interconnectedness
    and belonging, it encourages children to become more involved in caring
    for our environment, and for others. The Sun and Sister Star teach, "In
    all the world, in all of space, your light shines's
    everyplace!" Now that is the true beginning of a strong se! lf-image and
    a true empowering process.

    Catherine Called Birdie
    Karen Cushman
    gr 5 & up Catherine's father wants her to marry a rich, ugly old man.
    Through Catherine's diary, Karen Cushman gives a view of life in
    medieval England, including its fleas, crude manners, squalor and the
    special treat of clean bed linen.

    Midwife's Apprentice
    Karen Cushman
    grade 6 and up--Set in medieval England, Alyce, who rises from the dung
    heap (literally) of homelessness and namelessness to find a station in
    life--apprentice to the crotchety, snaggletoothed midwife Jane Sharp. On
    Alyce's first solo outing as a midwife, she fails to deliver. Instead of
    facing her ignorance, Alyce chooses to run from failure--never a good
    choice.Newbery M

    Door in the Wall
    Margeurite DeAngeli
    Grade 4-6
    Robin proves his courage and has adventures despite losing the use of
    one of his legs in the plague-ridden London of the thirteenth century.

    Strega Nona-Her story
    Tonie Depaolo Ages 4-8
    Strega Nona -- "Grandma Witch" -- is the source for potions, cures,
    magic, and comfort in her Calabrian town. Her magical everfull pasta pot
    is especially intriguing to hungry Big Anthony. He is supposed to look
    after her house and tend her garden but one day, when she goes over the
    mountain to visit Strega Amelia, Big Anthony recites the magic verse
    over the pasta pot, with disastrous results.

    Strega Nona'a Magic Lessons
    Tonie Depaolo Ages 4-8
    Big Anthony tries to join Strega Nona's magic class, with hilarious
    results. Full-color illustrations throughout.

    Strega Nona Meets Her Match
    Tonie Depaolo Ages 4-8
    When Strega Amelia comes to Strega Nona's village and sets up her own
    rival business in lotions, potions, and matchmaking, she uses free
    sweets and cappuccino to draw customers away from her old friend. Strega
    Nona's customers desert her, and soon she can no longer afford to pay
    her helpers. The hapless Big Anthony goes to work for Strega Amelia, who
    leaves him in charge one day, with results that Strega Nona fans will
    find deliciously predictable.

    Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaires Ages 9-12
    This best-loved children's book about the gods and goddesses, kings and
    heroes of ancient Greek mythology offers a whirlwind introduction to
    Zeus, Hera, Hermes and the other gods, and their often rascally behavior
    on Mount Olympus and among mortals on Earth.

    Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaires

    Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaires

    So You Want To Be A Wizard? (Series)
    Diane Duane grade 5-8
    Thirteen-year-old Nita, tormented by a gang of bullies because she won't
    fight back, finds the help she needs in a library book on wizardry which
    guides her into another dimension.When they embark on a mission to
    locate an ancient book that holds the key to preserving the universe,
    Nita Callahan and her pal Kit discover an eerie alternate Manhattan,
    populated with eating helicopters, wolflike creatures, and a dragon.
    Reprint. SLJ. H.

    A Gift Of Magic
    Lois Duncan Ages 9-12
    When the old woman died, she left her grandchild Nancy with the
    extraordinary gift of magic. Nancy can read people's minds, know their
    thoughts, and make them do what she wants. Will she use her gift for
    good, or satisfy her own selfish desire?

    Edward Eager's Tales of Magic : Half Magic, Knight's Castle, the Time
    Garden, Magic by the Lake (Edward Eager Tales of Magic)
    Edward. Eager Ages 9-12
    Magic abounds in Edward Eager's world. Whether his young heroes and
    heroines are awash in a lake full of magic, making double wishes on a
    half-magic coin, cavorting with Robin Hood and Ivanhoe, or "thyme"
    traveling, the adventures simply never stop. Eager's ability to mingle
    reality with fantasy, his delectable wordplay, and light, witty touch
    make all four of these adventures pure delight.

    Magic or Not?
    Edward. Eager Ages 9-12
    In this book Mr. Eager introduces us to James, Laura, Kip, Lydia,
    Deborah and Gordy....not to mention the magic of the wishing well. In
    this book James and Laura have just moved to the country from New York.
    They are both excited about this move. A move to the country, for them,
    signals the beginning of adventure. They find adventure, too, when Lydia
    suggests to Laura to make a wish upon the well in hers' and James' new
    backyard. Some of the good deed adventures in this book are exciting,
    some are not; however, interesting insight is offered into each
    character-which will come in handy when reading "The Well Wishers", the

    Well Wishers
    Edward Eager Ages 9-12
    Five kids discover a magic wishing well and use it for the greater good.

    Teaching Meditation to Children
    David Fontana and Ingrid Slack.
    This resource gives a break down of age group appropriate meditations as
    well as some basics for any

    awnspaganplace> Kindling the Celtic Spirit
    Mara Freeman
    An excellent teaching tool to accompany your family's studies of the
    Celtic people and their path.
    n this beautiful treasury of sacred wisdom, Mara Freeman shares the rich
    legacy of the Celts -- the festivals, godsand goddesses, saints,
    faeries, music, poetry, andstorytelling that anchor this magical
    tradition. Discovermyths, rituals, recipes, and crafts for every month
    of theyear.

    Eyewitness Series'
    Ages 9-12
    With plenty of color photographs and a brief text, this extremely broad
    overview looks at witchcraft and those who practice it from historical,
    political, religious, and cultural perspectives. A dizzying variety of
    topics is broached, including artifacts and iconography, myths and
    facts, images from literature and movies, and healers and magic-makers
    from other cultures--Horn Book

    Debra Frasier ages 4-8
    Every child loves to hear the story of how he or she came into the
    world, but usually very little attention is paid to how the world was in
    that magical moment. For any family who feels a special connection to
    nature and the flow of life, On the Day You Were Born will help baby
    understand how each of us is received not just by our family, but by the
    universe and its gentle ways.

    Wise Child
    Monica Furlong Young Adult
    This engrossing novel about a young girl's apprenticeship to a "good"
    witch is set in the British Isles soon after King Arthur's time. Wise
    Child is adopted by Juniper, a humble sorceress of white magic. But when
    Wise Child's real mother, a student in the black arts, shows up she
    tempts Wise Child with a life of luxury.

    Monica Furlong Young Adult
    This prequel to Wise Child recounts the childhood and spiritual
    initiation of Juniper, who will in turn pass down the secret teachings
    of the dorans to Wise Child. Readers will again enjoy the details of
    herb-gathering, spell-casting and mystic rituals. An atmospheric story
    that will both satisfy confirmed fantasy fans and involve readers new to
    the genre."--Bulletin, Center for Children's Books.

    Silver Berries and Christmas Magic
    Urslan Judith Gaffington Ages 9-12
    Snow Fairies tell the story of Tiemma Claus, Santa's wife, and how she,
    with the help of children, help Santa's growing problem of getting to
    all the world's children in one night. Tiemma is a beautiful, white
    haired, thoughful, woman full of love, insight, and inspiration.
    Empowering of the female role in a traditionally male story - without
    downplaying the importance of Santa's role. Christmas takes on an
    ancient pagan element as the north polers celebrate the Winter Solstice,
    magic is conjured, and joy abounds

    Jean Craighead George
    "Billie Wind is disciplined for doubting the beliefs of her Seminole
    tribe. She chooses her punishment--to journey into the Florida
    Everglades until she hears the animal gods who talk. . . . The
    conservation message grows naturally out of the excitement of the
    survival adventure story."--The New York Times.

    Jean Craighead George

    King Arthur and The Knights of The Round Table
    Roger L. Greene Ages 9-12
    Retold out of the old romances, this collection of Arthurian tales
    endeavors to make each adventure--"The Quest for the Round Table", "The
    First Quest of Sir Lancelot", "How the Holy Grail Came to Camelot", and
    so forth--part of a fixed pattern that effectively presents the whole
    story, as it does in Le Morte D'Arthur, but in a way less intimidating
    to young readers.

    Time for Andrew
    Mary Dowling Hahn Ages 9-12
    Aunt Blythe's house gives Andrew the creeps -- full of dark rooms,
    creaky noises, and the sound of a woman sobbing somewhere in the
    shadows. Then, in the middle of the night, Andrew awakens to find a boy
    standing in his room...a boy who is Andrew's double, except he looks as
    if he's come from the grave. He wants to follow him -- to a place where
    he will meet the spirits of long-dead ancestors...a place from which
    Andrew may never return.

    Little Witch's Bad Dream
    Deborah Hautzig Ages 4-8
    Little Witch is back, and this time she's mad! At her cousin Bossy, that
    is. Cousin Bossy has come for a visit and makes Little Witch feel as if
    she can't do anything right. When Little Witch has had enough, she
    dreams of turning her magic on Cousin Bossy--and turning her into a
    stinking pile of garbage. But is it all a dream?

    Little Witch's Big Night
    Deborah Hautzig Ages 4-8
    Forced to stay at home on Halloween because she's been too good, Little
    Witch gives three trick-or-treaters high-flying broomstick rides

    Happy Birthday Little Witch
    Deborah Hautzig Ages 4-8
    Finding the three friends Little Witch wants at her birthday party takes
    more than magic spells in this sequel to Little Witch's Big Night.

    Little Witch Goes to School
    Deborah Hautzig Ages 4-8
    Little Witch wants to go to school just like her friends, but her mother
    thinks she should stay home and learn from her witchy aunts. Mother
    Witch finally agrees to let Little Witch go, but only if she promises to
    be very,very bad. It's a wild ride on a broomstick that kids won't soon

    Pay It Forward
    Catherine Ryan Hyde
    12-year-old Trevor is a good kid, and when his teacher gives the
    assignment, "Think of an idea for world change, and put it into action",
    he comes up with an idea that actually does transform the world. He
    sets out to do good deeds for three people. Instead of asking them to
    pay him back, he tells them to "pay it forward" - meaning that they have
    to do good things for three people as well. And so on. This book is
    great because Trevor is so earnest - you
    want his project to work. But while "pay it forward" succeeds beyond his
    wildest dreams, this story isn't sugar coated. The characters struggle,
    are stubborn, make stupid decisions, and not everyone is goodhearted.

    The Autumn Equinox : Celebrating the Harvest
    Ellen B. Jackson
    Folk-art-like, earth-toned illustrations accompany a lucid text, which
    explains the relevance of the autumn equinox and the importance of the
    harvest. Jackson describes various cultural celebrations and how these
    customs have evolved into such holidays as Halloween and Thanksgiving.
    An adaptation of a Native American legend and an assortment of classroom
    projects and recipes are included.---The Horn Book

    The Summer Solstice
    by Ellen Jackson
    A companion volume to The Winter Solstice (1994) by the same writer and
    illustrator, this volume presents customs and lore surrounding the
    longest day of the year. Jackson includes information about the summer
    solstice from many (mainly Western) cultures and locales, from the
    Chumash and Anasazi Indians to the ancient Egyptians, from Swaziland to
    Sweden. A brief explanation of the earth's tilt, a solstice story
    adapted from a Hawaiian chant, and a few pages of solstice activities
    round out the treatment. The picture-book format makes the subject
    accessible to younger children,but limits the amount of information
    provided. Jan Davey Ellis' vigorous paintings illustrate the text with
    rich colors and abundant details. An attractive resource. Carolyn Phelan

    The Tree Of Life
    Ellen Jackson
    Tree of Life" is a educational storybook, which tells the story of
    biological evolution from before the first form of life appeared, to the
    appearance of the first humans, and all in words even a preschooler can
    understand. My three year old only had a few questions the first time I
    read it, and it is now one of his favorites. The large, beautiful purple
    and white illustrations also make it as enjoyable to look at as it is to

    Winter Solstice
    Ellen Jackson Ages 4-8
    This title introduces the winter solstice customs and beliefs of the
    ancient Britons, Scandinavians, Romans, and Peruvians, as well as
    certain Native American sun ceremonies. Jackson also explains how to
    demonstrate the earth's tilt using an orange and a flashlight; she
    connects ancient solstice practices to modern customs associated with
    Christmas and Hanukkah, and she ends the book with an adaptation of a
    Cherokee creation tale. Teachers will value the book's multicultural
    approach as well as its simple, readable text and attractive watercolor
    illustrations. While the introduction to the science of solstice could
    be fuller and the accompanying illustrations much more precise, the book
    definitely fills a niche. Carolyn Phelan

    The Redwall Series
    Brian Jacques Ages 9-12
    Mariel of Redwall
    Heaved off her ship in a pirate raid, Mousemaid Mariel is washed up on
    the shores of Mossflower. With no idea where she is, or indeed who she
    is, the young warrior mouse embarks on an unforeseen adventure that will
    take her to the very heart of Redwall and into the arms of the people
    who live there.

    Martin the Warrior
    Bedrang the Stoat has his evil eyes set on ruling over his own empire,
    and will do anything to make sure that his ultimate fantasy is
    fulfilled. But little does he realize that the quiet, nameless mouse he
    is holding captive will one day turn out to be the heroic and fearless
    Martin the Warrior.

    In the summer of the Golden Plain, the cunning fox, Slagar the cruel,
    and his evil henchmen sneak into Redwall Abbey to kidnap the woodland
    children -- including Mattimeo, son of the great warrior mouse Matthias.
    Now Matthias and a handful of brave followers must abandon their home to
    the mercy of General Ironbeak's invading ravens in order to rescue them.

    Moss Flower
    The thrilling prequel to "Redwall". The clever and greedy wildcat
    Tsarmina becomes ruler of all Mossflower Woods and is determined to
    govern the peaceful woodlanders with an iron paw. The brave mouse Martin
    and quick-talking mouse thief Gonff meet in the depths of Kotir Castle's
    dungeon. The two escape and resolve to end Tsarmina's tyrannical rule.
    Joined by Kinny the mole, Martin and Gonff set off on a dangerous quest
    for Salamandastron, where they are convinced that their only hope, Boar
    the Fighter, still lives

    Pearls of Lutra
    When forces of the evil pine marten Mad Eyes threaten Redwall Abbey and
    demand the return of some pink pearls that they had stolen from an otter
    holding, young hedgehog Tansy leads a group in an attempt to solve the
    riddle and find the pearls. At the same time, mousewarrior Martin,
    grandson of Matthias, leads a brave band in pursuit of the enemy, a long
    chase that sees the group joined by otter warrior Grath, sole survivor
    of the raid when the pearls were stolen.

    This is a terrific start to the Redwall series. Brian Jacques blends
    everything together, the characters, the plot, the setting, to create a
    wonderful work of literature. The animals of Redwall and the residing
    country live (or try to live) in peace. Yet, many cruel, egotistical
    animals create havoc in this world. Read Redwall and it's many
    counterparts, Salamandastron, Mossflower, and more, to find out how the
    creatures deal with such diversity.

    The fifth in the Redwall series, about the adventures of the animals who
    inhabit the lands around Redwall Abbey, tells of the struggle of the
    great badger warriors, especially Mara, the warrior maiden, to regain
    their land from evil invaders. As usual, the battles and perils are many
    and complicated; the bad guys are very bad; most of the heroes survive;
    and the food and feasting are glorious. Happy times for Redwall fans. --
    Copyright C 1993 The Horn Book

    The Bell Maker
    Joseph the Bellmaker, worried about his warrior mouse daughter, Mariel,
    who has disappeared on a mission, embarks on a journey when he receives
    signs that his daughter is in trouble. Battles and dangers beset him and
    his friends as he traverses his Redwall land on a desperate rescue

    The Long Patrol
    The tenth installment in the series-As young Tammo dreams of joining the
    Long Patrol--the legendary army of fighting hares that serves the Lady
    Cregga Rose Eyes, Ruler of Salamandastron--the brutal reality of a
    battle with Damug Warfang's mighty battalion of savage Rapscallions fast

    Brother Eagle Sister Sky : A Message from Chief Seattle
    Susan Jeffers Ages 4 to 8
    In the 1850's, when the US wanted to buy his people's Pacific Northwest
    land, Chief Seattle delivered this eloquent message to a Commissioner of
    Indian Affai.

    Celebrating the Great Mother : A Handbook of Earth-Honoring Activities
    for Parents and Children
    by Cait Johnson, Maura D. Shaw
    This handbook of Earth-honoring activities for parents and children
    provides a family-oriented approach to the rituals of celebration,
    giving parents and adults insights into the spiritual experiences which
    will inspire kids and help them to understand holiday meanings.
    Techniques ranging from visualization to Tarot play are developed with
    kids in mind.

    Dark Lord of Derkholm
    Diana Wynne Jones Young Adult
    Derk, an unconventional wizard, and his magical family become involved
    in a plan to put a stop to the devastating tours of their world arranged
    by the tyrannical Mr. Chesney.

    The Phantom Tollbooth
    Norman Juster Ages 9-12
    This ingenious fantasy centers around Milo, a bored ten-year-old who
    comes home to find a large toy tollbooth sitting in his room. Joining
    forces with a watchdog named Tock, Milo drives through the tollbooth's
    gates and begins a memorable journey. He meets such characters as the
    foolish, yet lovable Humbug, the Mathemagician, and the not-so-wicked
    "Which," Faintly Macabre, who gives Milo the "impossible" mission of
    returning two princesses to the Kingdom of Wisdom. "

    Fairy Tales for Computers
    Leslie G Katz (ed.)

    Dragonling Collectors Edition Volume 1-The Dragonling, A Dragon in the
    Family, Dragon Quest
    Dragonling Collectors Edition Volume 2-Dragons of Krad, Dragon Trouble,
    Dragons and Kings
    Young Darek longs to be a great hunter of dragons, but when he finds an
    orphaned dragonling, his sympathies lead him into a meeting with and an
    understanding of dragons. Openly moralistic with a charming little
    dragon and an exciting adventure. -- Copyright C 1991 The Horn Book

    Fairies : Celebrations from Season to Season (Fairy Box Book)
    by Adrienne Keith Ages 9-12

    WITCH HUNT : It Happened in Salem Village
    Stephen Krensky Ages 4-8
    Krensky ably retells the story of 1692 Salem witch trials, making clear
    the unfairness of the trials that led to the executions of 19 supposed
    witches. Color drawings add atmosphere. . . ."--School Library Journal.

    A Wrinkle In Time
    Madeline L'Engle Ages 9-12
    An atomic physicist disappears when on a secret inter-planetary journey
    and his children experience adventures while searching for him. .. A
    trio of unearthly visitors changes the lives of Meg, Charles and their
    scientist mother. This is an imaginative tale of the fifth dimension of
    time travel and the quest of Meg and Charles to save their father who
    has mysteriously disappeared.

    Brendan Lehane
    Ella Enchanted
    Gail Levine ages 9-12
    At birth, Ella is inadvertently cursed by an imprudent fairy named
    Lucinda, who bestows on her the "gift" of obedience. Anything anyone
    tells her to do, Ella must obey. Another girl might have been cowed by
    this affliction, but not feisty Ella: "Instead of making me docile,
    Lucinda's curse made a rebel of me. Or perhaps I was that way
    naturally." When her beloved mother dies, leaving her in the care of a
    mostly absent and avaricious father, and later, a loathsome stepmother
    and two treacherous stepsisters, Ella's life and well-being seem in
    grave peril. But her intelligence and saucy nature keep her in good
    stead as she sets out on a quest for freedom and self-discovery, trying
    to track down Lucinda to undo the curse, fending off ogres, befriending
    elves, and falling in love with a prince along the way. Yes, there is a
    pumpkin coach, a glass slipper, and a happily ever after, but this is
    the most remarkable, delightful, and profound version of Cinderella
    you've ever read.

    CHRONICLES OF NARNIA SERIES -The Magician's Nephew; The Lion, the Witch,
    and the Wardrobe; The Horse and His Boy; Prince Caspian; The Voyage of
    the Dawn Treader; The Silver Chair; and The Last Battle
    C.S. Lewis Ages 9-12 but all ages will love these
    Three children are drawn through a wardrobe into Narnia, where the
    White Witch has cast a spell over the land. They join great lion Aslan
    in his struggle to break the enchantment. The story is infused
    throughout with the timeless issues of good and evil, faith and hope.

    Afternoon of the Elves
    Janet Taylor Lisle Ages 9-12
    A story of something strange and wonderful that has appeared in Sam and
    Kate's junkyard &emdash; a tiny village of sticks and leaves. Newbery

    The Giver
    Lois Lowry Young Adult
    In a world with no poverty, no crime, no sickness and no unemployment,
    and where every family is happy, 12-year-old Jonas is chosen to be the
    community's Receiver of Memories. Under the tutelage of the Elders and
    an old man known as the Giver, he discovers the disturbing truth about
    his utopian world and struggles against the weight of its hypocrisy.

    Gathering Blue
    Lois Lowry
    A dark and mysterious but plausible future world that is a society ruled
    by savagery and deceit Left orphaned and physically flawed in a
    civilization that shuns and discards the weak, Kira faces a
    frighteningly uncertain future. Her neighbors are hostile, and only a
    small boy offers to help. When she is summoned to judgement by the
    Council of Guardians, Kira prepares to fight for her life. But the
    Council, to her surprise, has plans for her. Blessed with an almost
    magical artistic talent that keeps her alive, Kira faces new
    responsibilities and a set of mysteries deep within the only world she
    has ever known. On her quest for truth, she discovers things that will
    change her life and world forever.

    Mother Earth
    Nancy Luenn Ages 4-8
    --``Mountains her bones/ Trees and plants her living hair/...Frogs and
    snakes are her sense of smell/ Insects her thoughts''--the metaphor is
    intriguingly applied, though it seems overextended. At the end, we who
    are ``her eyes'' and ``her children'' are encouraged to give back to the
    earth what we can: ``Plant living hair...use her gifts well.'' Waldman's
    designerly, heroic-scale watercolors present the earth in light-filled
    rainbow colors. An earnest paean that will appeal to many readers and
    can do only good.-- Copyright C1992, Kirkus Associates

    Baby Unicorn and Baby Dragon
    Jean & Claudio.Marzollo

    Anne McCaffrey Young Adult
    Forbidden by her father to indulge in music in any way, a girl on the
    planet Pern runs away, taking shelter with the planet's fire lizards
    who, along with her music, opens a new life for her. --Ingram

    The Moorchild
    Eloise McGraw Ages 9-12
    An extraordinary tale of a girl who is half folk/half human and never
    quite fits into either realm. The magical Moorfolk reject Saska and
    secretly exchange her for a perfect human baby. Saska grows up loved by
    her human parents but harassed by the other villagers. She escapes to
    the moors where she learns of her history and sets out to rescue the
    stolen human child. A 1998 Parents' ChoiceR Silver Honor, Newberry
    honor---Reviewed by Mary Nix

    Rose Daughter
    Robin McKinley Young Adult
    Beauty grows to love the Beast at whose castle she is compelled to stay,
    and through her love he is released from the curse that had turned him
    from man to beast.This luxuriant retelling of the story of the Beauty
    and the Beast is very different from McKinley's own Beauty (197. While
    sticking to the tale's traditional outlines, this version by turns
    rushes headlong and slows to a stately pace, is full of asides and
    surprises, and is suffused with obsession for the rose and thorn as
    flora, metaphor, and symbol.

    Tales of the Shimmering Sky : Ten Global Folktales With Activities
    Susan Milord Ages 4-8
    Ten magical folktales inspired by our vast and shimmering sky are
    combined with fascinating facts to take children on an ethnic journey
    exploring the sun, moon, stars, seasons, and weather. Story-related
    activities draw kids into cultures, arts and crafts, cooking, science,
    math, games and history! Full-color art and 100 "how-to-do-it"

    Secret of the Peaceful Warrior : A Story About Courage and Love
    Dan Millman Ages 9-12
    When Danny's family moves to a new neighborhood, he is confronted by a
    frightening bully. One night in a dream, Danny meets an old man with
    shining white hair--a man who will soon appear in real life and share a
    wonderful secret. An inspirational story about courage and love.
    Full-color illustrations

    The Squire's Tale
    Gerald Morris Young Adult
    In medieval England, fourteen-year-old Terence finds his tranquil
    existence suddenly changed when he becomes the squire of the young
    Gawain of Orkney and accompanies him on a long quest, proving Gawain's
    worth as a knight and revealing an important secret about his own true
    identity. The sequel is The Squire, His Knight, And His

    Lulu Goes to Witch School
    Janoe O'Conner Ages 4-8
    Attending school for the first time, Lulu the little witch likes her
    teacher, 'but there is one annoying factorcurly-haired Sandy Witch, who
    does everything better than Lulu. Packs plenty of child appeal with its
    everyday situations and witchy ambience. McCully's pictures incorporate
    just the right amount of humor and spooky details.' BL.

    Lulu and the Witch Baby
    Janoe O'Conner

    Circle of Magic Series
    Tamora Pierce Young Adult
    In a fantasy set in mythical lands surrounding the Pebbled Sea, four
    young people come to terms with the pain that life has dealt them, the
    prejudices they've inherited, and the unrecognized magical powers they
    were born with. The four come from varying backgrounds, but all have
    been misfits rankling against the restrictions that class and culture
    impose. Sandry (Lady Sandrilene fa Toren) feels ``Good f'r naught but to
    be waited on and to marry.'' She longs to be useful and competent. Daja,
    the Trader girl, wants to be a metalworker, but making things is
    forbidden to traders. Briar, a streetwise thief, harbors a special
    affinity for plants, and Trisana, the Merchant girl, seems to have a
    direct line to the forces of nature itself. Mage Niklaren Goldeye brings
    all four to a disciplined temple community where their special gifts can
    flower. Pierce (Wild Magic, 1992, etc.) employs the trappings of magic,
    yet never invokes it as a convenient plot device imposed from without.
    Instead it appears as an inner strength that each of the fully realized,
    compelling young protagonists must discover and harness. Meditation and
    the Zen-like practice of hands-on crafts are their tools of mastery.
    First in a series, this is a rich and satisfying read. (Fiction. 11-13)
    -- Copyright C1997, Kirkus Associates,

    Sandry's Steps Book 1
    Rescued by a powerful mage and brought to a school of magic, four
    children, each orphaned or unwanted, discover their previously
    unrealized magical powers in different areas of mage craft. Although the
    children, who come from very different stations in life, begin at odds
    with one another, they learn how to work together for a common purpose.
    Despite the title, the novel focuses equally on all of the characters.
    -- Copyright C 1998 The Horn Book

    Tris's Book Book 2
    The four young mages introduced in Sandry's story continue to learn how
    powerful they are when they meld their talents. In this adventure, it
    falls to Tris, the weather mage, to harness her temper and magic to save
    her friends and the Winding Circle community from marauding pirates who
    are employing their own deadly magic. Pierce skillfully develops her
    secondary characters while allowing Tris to take center stage, and
    smoothly advances the plot. A cut above many fantasies for the age
    group. Chris Sherman

    Daja's Book Book, 3
    Daja's skill with metalworking helps her make a connection with a group
    of Traders, even though she has been declared unclean by her people.
    With the help of her friends and their power, she also uses her newfound
    skills to fight a fire that threatens the droughtinflicted land. Rich
    with detail, the fantasy draws readers into a fascinating and fully
    realized world. -- Copyright C 1999 The Horn Book

    Briar's Book Book 4
    As a previously unknown plague spreads through the land, Briar, who has
    a magical connection to plantlife, helps with the desperate search for a
    cure. When the deadly disease strikes Briar's mentor, Rosethorn, Briar
    and his friends Sandry, Tris, and Daja must work together to save her.
    The final book in the series about four powerful young mages is as
    magical as the first three volumes. Copyright C 1999 The Horn Book, Inc.

    Magic Steps Series
    Tamora Pierce Young Adult
    Four years after we last saw the young mages Sandry, Tris, Daja, and
    Briar in the Circle of Magic quartet, Sandry is back. Now 14 years old,
    she is helping her great-uncle, Duke Vedris IV, ruler of Emelan, recover
    after a heart attack.

    Circle Opens, Book 1
    This first title in Tamora Pierce's new series, The Circle Opens, will
    thrill fans of her terrifically popular previous books, including The
    Circle of Magic quartet and The Song of the Lioness quartet. With her
    spellbinding choreography of wit, gore, and intrigue, Pierce never takes
    a false step

    Street Magic Book 2
    A mage from Winding Circle discovers and must train a younger teen with
    an unrealized magical talent-there are enough twists and turns to
    provide fans with another exciting read. Briar Moss, whose green magic
    gives him a unique influence over plants, is abroad with his teacher
    Rosethorn when he finds a street urchin in a bazaar, polishing stones
    with magic.

    Cold Fire Book 3

    Song Of the Lioness Series
    Tamora Pierce Ages 9-12
    Alanna: The First Adventure
    Eleven-year-old Alanna, who aspires to be a knight even though she is a
    girl, disguises herself as a boy to become a royal page, learning many
    hard lessons along her path to high adventure. This is the first book of
    three series (Song of the Lioness Quartet, The Immortals Quartet, and
    Protector of the Small Quartet) set in the magical kingdom of Tortall.

    In the Hand of the Goddess (The Song of the Lioness Quartet, Book 2)
    Alanna achieves the honor of becoming Prince Jonathan's squire and must
    be strong and courageous in order to protect him from the destructive
    forces of the evil sorcerer

    The Woman Who Rides Like a Man
    (Song of the Lioness , No 3)
    Alanna, the only female knight, sets out across the desert of Tortall
    and is captured by desert tribesmen. Forced to prove herself, Alanna
    triumps in a magical duel to the death, becoming the tribe's first
    female shaman. But another battle rages in Alanna's heart--she must
    decide whether to marry Prince
    Jonathan, her first love, or stay with her longtime friend George, the
    handsome, charismatic King of Thieves. "Lively and enjoyable, with a
    strong, vigorous heroine."--The Horn Book

    Lioness Rampant (Song of the Lioness Quartet, Book 4)
    In an action-filled adventure, Alanna, the first female knight, ventures
    out to find the ""gem of goodness,"" the Dominion Jewel, but Prince
    Jonathan's evil uncle, Duke Roger, suddenly returns from the dead and
    begins to wreak havoc on the kingdom.

    The Immortals Series
    Tamora Pierce Young Adult
    Wild Magic (The Immortals Series , No 1)
    Homeless, outcast Daine has a knack with animals -- they hear her, obey
    her, even talk to her -- and her talents, recognized as ild magic,grow
    even stronger under the tutelage of the mage Numair. Only Daine can
    sense the presence of the immortals -- evil creatures under the control
    of the country's enemies -- and in a burst of glory, she saves the
    kingdom from invasion. Lively, well-written, suspenseful fantasy. --
    Copyright C 1993 The Horn Book

    Wolf-Speaker (The Immortals Series , No 2)
    Gr. 7-9. In this sequel to Wild Magic (1992), the pack of wolves that
    helped 14-year-old Daine avenge her family's death call her back from
    her mage training at King Jonathan's court. Humans ("two-leggers") are
    ruining Dunlath Valley. Daine, who speaks the language of animals and is
    learning to enter animals' minds and shape-change, works to help the
    two-leggers and the animals move beyond species prejudice to prevent an
    ecological disaster and the overthrow of the beneficent King Jonathan.
    Suspense is stronger than characterization here, but the exploration of
    diverse animal personalities will intrigue readers. Mary Harris Veeder

    Emperor Mage
    (The Immortals Series , No 3)
    This volume is the third book about Daine, the orphan girl who has wild
    magic, a special ability to understand and heal animals. She is
    specially chosen for a peace mission to Carthak, a threatening enemy to
    Tortall, because the beloved birds of the emperor of Carthak are sick. A
    complex, carefully crafted and suspenseful adventure with an appealing
    heroine who is developing an enthusiastic following. -- Copyright C 1995
    The Horn Book, Inc.

    Realms of the Gods (The Immortals , No 4)
    Daine and Numair are suddenly swept into the otherworldly home of the
    gods after facing certain death on earth. But they cannot remain there
    for long, because they are both needed to help fight the desparate
    battle raging in Tortall. And so they undertake the dangerous journey
    back to earth...a journey that will teach them a great deal about life
    and about each other, a journey that will lead to the startling
    culmination of the conflicts, both mortal and immortal, that have long
    plagued Tortall.

    The Always Moon
    by Judith Pierson
    The moon in all its different phases serves as a reminder of constancy
    and security.
    In a pleasant, calming book for sharing at bedtime, Pierson celebrates
    the constancy of the moon in pure and pretty images: it "mirrors" its
    own picture in the waters; "shares its beams" on "rocky, rugged
    mountains"; and spreads a "nighttime light wide over the world." Through
    the eyes of a young boy peering out his window, the moon unifies the
    world. No matter if it is full, a sliver, or hidden, the boy finds
    comfort in knowing that it is always there, shining down on not only
    him, but on "huts of native people" and "dwellings of city people in
    many lands." Brooks's soft, blue-hued evening colors capture night moods
    and enhance the comforting tone of the text. A design element dresses up
    the lower corner of each spread, adding to the sense of balance that
    both story and illustrations convey

    Babushka Baba Yaga
    by Patricia Polacco Ages 4-8
    Polacco's Baba Yaga is not the wicked witch the villagers believe her to
    be but is, instead, a kind creature who wishes to become some child's
    beloved babushka. When she saves a young boy from wolves, the other
    grandmothers recognize her as one of their own. A dramatic text and
    animated artwork re-create Baba Yaga in a tale about love in disguise.
    -- Copyright C 1994 The Horn

    Elizabeth Marie Pope Ages 9-12
    In 1558, while exiled by Queen Mary Tudor to a remote castle known as
    Perilous Gard, young Kate Sutton becomes involved in a series of
    mysterious events that lead her to an underground world peopled by Fairy
    Folkwhose customs are even older than the Druids'.

    Elizabeth Marie Pope Young Adult
    Newly orphaned Peggy Grahame is caught off-guard when she first arrives
    at her family's ancestral estate. Her eccentric uncle Enos drives away
    her only new acquaintance, Pat, a handsome British scholar, then leaves
    Peggy to fend for herself. But she is not alone. The house is full of
    mysteriesand ghosts. Soon Peggy becomes involved with the spirits of her
    own Colonial ancestors and witnesses the unfolding of a centuries-old
    romance against a backdrop of spies and intrigue and of battles plotted
    and foiled. History has never been so excitingespecially because the
    ghosts are leading Peggy to a romance of her own!

    Mountains Meadows and Moonbeams: A Child's Spiritual Primer
    May Summer Rain Ages 4 and up
    Mary Summer Rain created this delightful and easy-to-read book, full of
    illustrations that can be used for coloring, to help parents nurture the
    imagination and creativity of their children, while teaching invaluable
    spiritual lessons.

    Star Babies
    Mary Summer Rain Ages 9-12
    Star Babies explains to children that we are all intelligent beings
    sharing one universe, one neighborhood, and that there is no such thing
    as an alien. With 20 enchanting full-color illustrations throughout.

    The Farthest-Away Mountain
    Lynne Reid Banks Ages 9-12
    A girl embarks on a dangerous adventure to fulfill three desires: to
    visit the farthest-away mountain, to meet a gargoyle, and to find a
    prince for a husband.

    The Light in the Forest
    Conrad Richter
    Though reared as a Lenni Lenape Indian, fifteen-year-old True Son, once
    called John Camera Butler, was ordered back to the white man. It was
    impossible for True Son to believe that his people were white and not
    Indian. He had learned to hate the white man. And now he learned to hate
    his new father, his new house, his new family. He hated the name John
    Butler. Where did he belong now--and where could he go

    JK Rowling Ages 9 and up
    set of books 1 through 4
    Rescued from the outrageous neglect of his aunt and uncle, a young boy
    with a great destiny proves his worth while attending Hogwarts School
    for Wizards and Witches.
    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Book 1
    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Book 2
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Book 3
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Book 4
    Harry Potter Book 5

    Ann Ross
    First published in Great Britain, these volumes, enhanced by
    action-packed, double-page illustrations in color and numerous line
    drawings, offer attractive surveys of Norse and Celtic mythologies. Ross
    supplies additional information that helps place the myths and legends
    within the context of ancient Celtic civilization, while Branston
    focuses primarily on the stories themselves. Druids, Gods, and Heroes
    includes a bibliography. Ind. -- Copyright C 1994 The Horn Book,

    Missing May
    Cynthia Rylant
    This wonderful book revolves around a few delightfully named characters:
    Summer, Uncle Ob, Aunt May and Cletus Underwood. After being passed
    among relatives, Summer joins her aunt and uncle and marvels at the
    couple's deep love for one another. But after Aunt May dies, Summer and
    Uncle Ob are brought together in their struggles to come to terms with
    the death. Cletus, a neighbor boy, comes along to help provide an
    answer. This simple and sweet story, which won the Newbery Medal in
    1993, is injected with just the right touches of humor and mysticism.

    Knights of the Kitchen Table (from the Time Warp Trio Series)
    Jon Scieszka
    Three friends travel back in time to the era of knights and castles when
    Joe is given a magic book (''The Book'') that transports him and two
    friends to King Arthur's Britain, where they find themselves confronted
    by a fearsome Black Knight--who's easy to defeat with some quick dodging
    when he's in mid-charge. Then Lancelot, Gawain, et al. happen by and
    take the boys for heroes--a reputation they sustain by tricking the
    loathsome giant who's menacing the castle into fighting the terrible
    dragon (Smaug) that has also just turned up.

    The Witch of Blackbird Pond
    Elizabeth G Speare
    Orphaned Kit Tyler knows, as she gazes for the first time at the cold,
    bleak shores of Connecticut Colony, that her new home will never be like
    the shimmering Caribbean island she left behind. In her relatives' stern
    Puritan community, she feels like a tropical bird that has flown to the
    wrong part of the world, a bird that is now caged and lonely. The only
    place where Kit feels completely free is in the meadows, where she
    enjoys the company of the old Quaker woman known as the Witch of
    Blackbird Pond, and on occasion, her young sailor friend Nat. But when
    Kit's friendship with the "witch" who is actually an old Quaker woman,
    is discovered, Kit is faced with suspicion, fear, and anger. She herself
    is accused of witchcraft.

    The Light Beyond the Forest: The Quest for the Holy Grail volume 2 in the
    Arthurian Triology
    Rosemary Sutcliff
    In this retelling of the King Arthur legend, Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad,
    Sir Bors, and Sir Percival search for the Holy Grail.

    The Sword and the Circle : King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
    Rosemary Sutcliff
    A retelling of the classic Arthurian legend follows the adventures of
    the boy who became a king, his councillor Merlin, his beloved Guinivere,
    and the Knights of the Round Table.

    Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    JRR Tolkein
    The Hobbit or There and Back Again
    The Fellowship of the Ring The Lord of the Rings Part 1
    A wizard tricks peace-loving Bilbo Baggins into going on a hazardous
    quest to retrieve a dwarf treasure stolen by the horrible dragon Smaug.

    Forest Wife
    Theresa Tomlinson Ages 9 and up
    A creative retelling of the Robin Hood story focuses on the life and
    deeds of Marian, who retreats to the forest to escape an unwanted
    betrothal and finds fulfillment in helping the poor people of the woods.
    Marian learns the art of healing from her old nurse, Agnes; leads
    dangerous missions of mercy; and gradually falls in love with Robert,
    Agnes's outlaw son. -- Copyright C 1995 The Horn Book

    Book of Goddesses
    Kris Waldherr Ages 9 and up
    Twenty-six different goddesses are described and beautifully depicted in
    full regalia. Each culture is well presented and the sense of the
    divinity of these women is told in detail. Every little girl needs this
    book so she can grow up and become a goddess. ---American Booksellers,
    March 1996

    Carmina, Come Dance!
    Mary K. Whittington
    Carmina, afraid of her very old great-grandmother, crouches under the
    piano as the old lady plays. Listening, Carmina imagines a romantic
    adventure - rescuing a beautiful lady on her splendid stallion. When the
    music is over, Carmina recognizes her great-grandmother as the lady. A
    story with tapestrylike, medieval illustrations. -- Copyright C 1990 The
    Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Troll Games
    Mary K. Whittington
    A young boy outwits four frightful trolls by teaching them games that
    last until the sun comes out and turns the trolls to stone. The plot is
    lively; the illustrations are mediocre. -- Copyright C 1991 The Horn
    Book, Inc. All rights reserved.

    The Patchwork Lady
    Mary K. Whittington
    A woman whose life is filled with a cornucopia of designs and patterns -
    from her calico cat to her argyle socks - prepares for her birthday
    party. Her friends give her a pictorial patchwork quilt of her cherished
    belongings. Appealing illustrations. -- Copyright C 1991 The Horn Book,
    Inc. All rights reserved.

    Winter's Child
    Mary K. Whittington
    The seasons are people in this unusual fantasy, in which aging Winter
    raises baby Spring into young womanhood before she goes out into the
    already greening world. The soft, velvety illustrations are dreamy but
    bland, and the story is odd instead of imaginative or fantastic and
    gives no indication of the recurring cycle of the seasons. -- Copyright
    C 1993 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Dealing With Dragons
    (Enchanted Forest Chronicles)
    Patricia Wrede young Adult
    Cimorene, princess of Linderwall, is a classic tomboy heroine with
    classic tomboy strengths--all of which are perceived by those around her
    as defects: "As for the girl's disposition--well, when people were being
    polite, they said she was strong-minded. When they were angry or annoyed
    with her, they said she was as stubborn as a pig." Cimorene, tired of
    etiquette and embroidery, runs away from home and finds herself in a
    nest of dragons. Now, in Cimorene's world--a world cleverly built by
    author Patricia C. Wrede on the shifting sands of myriad fairy
    tales--princesses are forever being captured by dragons. The difference
    here is that Cimorene goes willingly. She would rather keep house for
    the dragon Kazul than be bored in her parents' castle. With her quick
    wit and her stubborn courage, Cimorene saves the mostly kind dragons
    from a wicked plot hatched by the local wizards, and worms her way into
    the hearts of young girls everywhere.

    Ghosts of Mercy Manor
    Betty Ren.Wright
    Gwen Maxwell, 12, feels as though the bottom has fallen out of her
    life--for the second time. Five years ago, after her parents died in a
    car accident, she came to live with loving Great-aunt Mary in Winfield,
    Wisconsin. Now Aunt Mary has also died and, except for a much older
    brother whose concern for her welfare is little more than perfunctory,
    Gwen is alone again. Enter kindly Dena Mercy and her family, with plenty
    of room for a foster child at beautiful Mercy Manor. Inconveniently,
    Gwen's presence at the farm stirs up ghosts of Dena's past, jeopardizing
    Gwen's tenure with her newfound home.

    Child of Faerie, Child of Earth
    by Jane Yolen Ages 4-8
    On Halloween, when magic is in the air, a little girl encounters a fairy
    child who takes her to his magical world and pleads with her to stay.
    Knowing she doesn't belong, she refuses, convincing her fairy guide to
    return with her to her home and travel for a time "over the human road."
    Yolen adds some sweet details to a story with a familiar folktale ring,
    presenting all in pleasing poetry that slips easily off the tongue for
    reading aloud. Dyer's illustrations are a study in colorful contrast:
    the quaint, apple-cheeked girl with a circle of flowers in her hair; the
    fairy boy in diaphanous green with sun-dappled wings; a landscape bright
    with brilliant harvest colors; an enchanted hall "bedecked in
    candlelight." A story about a friendship that stretches across some
    unusual boundaries. Stephanie Zvirin

    Elfabet : An ABC of Elves
    by Jane Yolen ages 4 to 8
    This ingenious alphabet book by the award-winning author of Letting
    Swift River Go and Merlin and the Dragons features an assortment of
    elves from A to Z. Each illustrated elf--some clever, some
    mischievous--presents a different letter in a unique way. With exquisite
    illustrations and detailed floral borders, this is a book to be enjoyed
    again and again. Full color. ----Ingram

    The Young Merlin Triology
    Jane Yolen Ages 9 and up
    In this worthy introduction to Arthurian legend for the younger reader,
    a feral child who has forgotten where he came from and lost his ability
    to speak is captured and tamed by a kindly falconer, who helps him
    recover. In a moving conclusion, the boy remembers that his name is
    Merlin. This first book of a trilogy will have readers awaiting the
    sequels. -- Copyright C 1996 The Horn Book

    This second book of the Young Merlin trilogy continues the adventures of
    Merlin as a boy. When his adopted family dies in a tragic fire, the boy
    sets out to find a new life. On his journey, he is taken up by a
    sinister and cruel thief, but escapes to become the apprentice to an
    apparently kindly traveling magician, Ambrosius, who names him Hobby. He
    finds Ambrosius's magic deceptions distasteful, however, and realizes
    that only truth will serve him and his dreams in the future.

    This last and final episode deals with the further unfolding of the
    young Merlin's magic powers. He has fled into the woods again, where he
    is taken in by the wild folk. When their camp is destroyed, he escapes
    with the help of the Cub, a child who becomes his companion and whose
    name he changes to Artus. Slight but gracefully written, and an easy
    introduction to Arthurian tales. -- Copyright C 1997 The Horn Book, Inc
    Love heals

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    "There's always a lot of magic, but our way of seeing is very small and we mostly just call it Nature. Why, we are not at all surprised that we can pick an apple in the autumn that was a pink flower in the spring. That's natural magic and we don't really notice it."
    ~ Pidge
    The Hounds of the Morrigan

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    I want to add: The Girl With the Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts. This was my favorite book as a kid. Its about a girl who can move things with her mind... and her quest to find others like her. Its great!
    Ivy Artemisia
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    Quote Originally Posted by magickalmeli
    I want to add: The Girl With the Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts. This was my favorite book as a kid. Its about a girl who can move things with her mind... and her quest to find others like her. Its great!
    Oh my god, I had completely forgotten about that book! I loved it as a kid, too.

    My all-time favorite children's book is 'The Ghost of Opalina' - it's the story of several generations living in a house, told by the ghost of a cat, Opalina. Sadly, it's OOP, but I keep hoping they'll bring it back in print.
    I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel.
    When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high, and don't be afraid of the dark.

    "There's always a lot of magic, but our way of seeing is very small and we mostly just call it Nature. Why, we are not at all surprised that we can pick an apple in the autumn that was a pink flower in the spring. That's natural magic and we don't really notice it."
    ~ Pidge
    The Hounds of the Morrigan

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    Wow, what a great list!

    My two newest favorites are Wee Free Men and Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett

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    oooh meg and mog...

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    Some others -
    TH White The sword in the stone.
    Ursula K Le Guin - The Earthsea trilogy (I know that there are five of them now, but I still think of it as a trilogy).

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    Great list! I'll be sure to pass it on to the parents in my Pagan Book Club! Thanks!

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    The Spiderwick books are also very good (my middle son loved them!)

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