View Poll Results: What form of blood sacrifice would you do?

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  • Sacrifice an animal, and offer it's lifeblood

    18 5.04%
  • offer soem of your own lifeblood

    252 70.59%
  • Sacrifice another Human being

    6 1.68%
  • Decline, and possibly suffer the wrath of your God

    81 22.69%
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Thread: Blood sacrifice

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    I have no problem with animal sacrifice. Many of the deities I worship accept it anyhow, and I plan to incorporate it one day (mind you, I'll be living on a farm and raising animals for food and such, and said animals would be killed humanely and blessed, and the meat packaged and sent to markets and grocers).
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    Well that's an easy an Olorisha, if any Orisha came down and told me to give them Eje (Blood)....I would be runnin' for the first chicken I could get my hands on !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toby Stimpson View Post
    I wonder, if your Goddess or God appeared before you one day...surrounded by their eneregy and ordered you to give an offering of blood to them...what would you do?
    If this happened I certainly would not refuse. However I use my own blood often in rituals so to me it's nothing taboo.

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    I'm new to the Green Witch path. I voted to give some of my own blood. I could never harm an animal or other living being for that matter.

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