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  • Sacrifice an animal, and offer it's lifeblood

    18 5.04%
  • offer soem of your own lifeblood

    252 70.59%
  • Sacrifice another Human being

    6 1.68%
  • Decline, and possibly suffer the wrath of your God

    81 22.69%
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Thread: Blood sacrifice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fireheathen
    My life blood is all I have right to give and all they have the right to ask of me (if they don't like it they can kiss my butt).
    hmmm... i'm curious, what makes life blood life blood, as opposed to plain ole blood?

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    I'd tell 'em (I don't follow a single diety exclusively) to screw themselves. When I did my dedication, I said I would serve them in my way, on my terms, but that I would not follow blindly as a sheep as I had previously, that I would not do anything I didn't feel was right, and that I would trust them not to request such of me, but that I would honor them and their requests as long as it seemed alright to me. I don't have much objection to using blood in magick, I've considered it before, but to be TOLD? That I would have a problem with.

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    I'd tell it to go away because anything that requires me to hurt myself or others isn't god.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galadraal
    I have a question for new Pagans...I would be interested of your answers. I am not trying to rock the boat or send ot a negative image...but I would be interested in what you percieve this subject to be. I have been thinking of my worship of Kali, who is a blood thirsty Goddess. In one of those times before sleep where I just whisper things, idea came to me. What is blood sacrifice? What does it mean when it coems to worshipping a God? What connection does blood have to divine energy? I wonder, if your Goddess or God appeared before you one day...surrounded by their eneregy and ordered you to give an offering of blood to them...what would you do?

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    Wow...I didnt think this post was still active...well done Mystic Wicks community have done more than answer my simple question...and discussed it! Well done to you all. I suppose it's time to tell the reason I asked the first qustion in the first place. Sine this thread was started, I have looked deeper into my own ideas about the use of blood in rituel/sacrifice.

    As soem of you know from my frequent posts, my Patron Goddess is Kali, the blood thirsty and fierce Hindu mother of creation and destruction. In kali worship, it is not uncommon to find Goats or sheeps sacrificed to her. She is a bloodthirsty goddess who asks for offerings of blood, or atleast that is tradition. I myself am against the killing of other creatures unless it is to eat, and even then I try to honour them as best I can. When I started to look into it, and already long knowing that blood was used in ceremonial and High Magick, I couldnt find the use of human blood in Kali worship. I personally think it is a much better thing to sacrifice your own blood for two reasons.

    1. Having looked into blood letting, and knowing a few friends who practice it, as far as I can tell in a spiritual environment it can be quite invigorating...and helps to create and spread bonds. Since blood it's self is a very powerful symbol of life to many cultures and systems, it is a very powerful element in spiritual practices, of what I can see.

    2. You feed from your own life force, and symbolically show your willingness to sacrifice yourself to better your self. Well, when it comes to worshipping blood thirsty gods like Kali.

    So, thats what I thought...what do you think?


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    An besides, if a God/dess lays a HAND on me, I'll be kicking their @$$!!!!!!!!!!

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    I offered my own blood only once; when I offered the Morrigan my devotion. But I asked her if that would be enough--I live with my parents and knew they'd get suspicious if they saw my hands cut and such... not to mention the blood in the bowl on my altar... Not that they even know about that! In short, she agreed to my request, and so I think it depends on the situation and the god/dess you're working with.
    just my two cents.

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    I voted for my own blood, but then I thought about it and I change my answer. I wouldn't give anything. I'm sure the God/ess would understand if I didn't offer any blood. Plus, if the God/ess 'needed/wanted' a blood offering, they wouldn't be part of my 'worship'. If that makes sense.

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    i would use my own blood in my work. not a lot but just a drop to help stregthen the energy in waht i want done. i feel it is alright to do this as long as its your own and not very much.
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    What is blood sacrifice? To me, it is freely giving of a part of myself, a part of my life, that no one has access to, unless through means of violence.
    What does it mean when it comes to worshipping a God? I feel that it connects me with Deity better, allows me to lend my energies, strengths, weaknesses, in part.. makes my practice more personal.
    What connection does blood have to divine energy? Blood is our lifesource. That in of itself is divine. Without blood, there is no creation, there is no life, no flesh.
    I wonder, if your Goddess or God appeared before you one day...surrounded by their eneregy and ordered you to give an offering of blood to them...what would you do? Well, seeing as it's not something my Deity would normally ask for, it would be asked of me for a VERY good reason, and I would have no problems complying.

    A few comments and questions on other posts:
    (Since this post has been a bit longer than I had originally planned and I’m only halfway through the entire thread, I’m going to stop and finish the thread. In no way do I mean to degrade or belittle anyone, I am merely putting down my thoughts on this, though I know some will take offense at my ideas. *shrugs* Honestly, since they’re my ideas and thoughts, and I have listed a disclaimer here, if you choose to get upset about something written, perhaps you should think on WHY you are upset, and not go on the defensive immediately.)

    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingBear

    If I cannot give of myself first, then I have no buisness taking it from someone else.
    *smiles* I agree, but I don’t think taking blood from another through violence, (which I view as doing so without consent), was part of the question, unless you meant from animals when you said “someone else”.
    I believe Morag said it best:
    Presumably when you make a sacrifice you are giving something that is incredibly important to you and thus you are giving of yourself. For example, growing up we subsited on the deer my father hunted. If we were to bless that animal and give the blood and the choice portions up to the gods, we absolutely would be giving of ourselves because we would be giving up food we needed to survive. And in my opinion giving up something you need to survive is giving of yourself.
    On to the next.. *smiles*

    Quote Originally Posted by AugustFirst
    If your god is that full of wrath, you got bigger problems than that.
    Why does a god have to be full of wrath to ask for blood? Why do so many people look at blood sacrifice as a negative thing? The way I see it, blood is sacred, not something revolting and vile. If that were the case, I would be interested in your thoughts on donating blood to the Red Cross – I don’t see much difference. There are difference reasons behind donating blood and sacrificing blood, but if you think about it, donating can be viewed as a suitable sacrifice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Galadraal
    I'll add a new question into the mix...what about the magickal/energy properties of blood? There are many fringe groups who do use blood to enhance their magickal workings...if you look through history many Occult groups practicing ceremonial magick have used blood, not as an offering, but as a tool for summoning. What do you all think of this?
    Personally, I believe, no matter what the reasons behind using blood, whether you are giving it as a sacrifice, or using it such as you stated above, the use of blood is more that it is using your energies, adding your own power to the task at hand, than any specific property. It’s your intentions that direct in what way the blood affects the magic at hand.

    THIS.. was a very interesting question:
    Quote Originally Posted by ~Monk~
    Just out of curiousity, for those this applies to - if your God/dess deemed it necessary to sacrifice a human, would you do it?
    Again, because it’s not something my Deity would normally do, if I were asked to sacrifice another human being, I think there would be a long process before making such a decision. I know I would be shocked at first – who wouldn’t be? – and then the first thing I would ask is if a substitution of another form would be possible. Not many people frequently question their god/desses, but mine has become quite used to me questioning everything – quite patient She is, at least, generally. If a substitute were not possible, I would ask if the human had to possess certain qualities – virgin? Blah blah blah.. Preferably, IF it ended up that it was required of me, with no other options, I would choose a person with a criminal background as my sacrifice (which I’m sure would smack of “justice” for my Deity, therefore, would be acceptable). I know others reading this are going, OMG has Bain gone off the deep end?, I am NOT in any way advocating violence.

    Now, actually, the question should be, could I truly go forth and take someone else’s life, even for my Deity? After much thought and debate, I think that I could, as long as the person in question was not an innocent of sorts. That brings to light what one would consider “innocences” and really, that would lead to a whole other thread/discussion, so let’s just say that yes, if it were asked of me, I would sacrifice another human.

    A LOT of people will say that this is wrong, to take another human life is unacceptable. I would say that I see no difference between a human life and that of an animal. To those who say they would not sacrifice an animal either, I have to say that all life is sacred, and that is the point behind asking for a sacrifice of such magnitude, is it not?

    Quote Originally Posted by tensen
    When I think of blood offering, I'm not sure my concept is the same as everyone elses.
    How VERY very true. We all have different views on this subject *smiles*

    Quote Originally Posted by tensen
    I think of a sweat and blood offering. Laboring to do something in the divine's service.
    I may get injured in that service, or something of the sort. But it is indeed known that it was given willingly, and not some sort of afterthought.
    I read this post and just wanted to say, I really do like how you went ahead and stated your view on the concept of a sacrifice, especially seeing how many have gone with the idea that a blood sacrifice deals with death. Kudos to you for bringing this idea to the table :D
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    I have no problem with blood useage for the most part. I have used it before and I have no doubt that I will use it again. Of course, for the sake of law suits I have only used my own or if its someone elses I'll ask and take proper steps for my own health. I don't know where other people have been. One of the good things about gods/spells/rituals that do require blood is they usually don't require much, after all I person won't want to become anemic just to please a god.
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