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  • Sacrifice an animal, and offer it's lifeblood

    18 5.04%
  • offer soem of your own lifeblood

    252 70.59%
  • Sacrifice another Human being

    6 1.68%
  • Decline, and possibly suffer the wrath of your God

    81 22.69%
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Thread: Blood sacrifice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maggie
    Why not? Perhaps it's even more important these days, when so many of us are connected only at a distance to the natural world as a reminder of that nature.

    Because, again, I don't think it's necessary. I don't think that something as grand as the Divine requires something as mundane as blood. It doesn't make sense (to me) to kill something in order to feel connected to it (or nature at large). If I truly want to deepen my connection to nature, I do so by being close to it and working towards preserving it to the best of my abilities.

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    prick your finger ?

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    Yep! I'd prick your finger. I hate the sight of my own blood

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~ Monk ~
    I fail to see how asking two questions is in any way belittling you. No one else seemed to be offended by them.
    well, i for one, wasn't exactly offended, but i wasn't thrilled either, i know what mórag means. and she has a way of stating what bugs her, which is comendable, whereas i will just answer in a pissy or sarcastic way.

    to be honest, i have my own thoughts about people who prick themselves and offer two droplets of blood to their gods, and i could be asking some very uncomfortable questions about that, but i choose not to, for the simple reason that it's really none of my business.

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    I would offer my own. I would never sacrifice an animal or human being. My standpoint is that in making offerings to the Goddess/God that we can only offer something of what is ours. Therefore I believe it makes a more potent offering to offer your own blood, containing your personal vibrations and lifeforce, than to slaughter something in order to offer its blood instead.
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    First off I'd just like to point out that there are a few points that have been completely left out by everyone.
    1. you chose your gods and should know who and what they are
    2. by choosing a god you have made a commitment to fallow their teachings and path
    3. If you chose your gods wisely you will never be asked to do anything that dose not fit with your own morals

    Also there are many faiths that practiced sacrifice and honored the spirts. Native Americans believed that animals were their brothers and sisters, or even guilds. I in a more contemporary belive think that all life has a spirt. Plants included. I also belive in reincarnation. So when I go out to my garden to harvest my rosemary or pull weed I could be harming or killing a plant that in a former life was human.
    I belive that the most important thing is that you feel no guilt because of your actions. If this type of sacrifice rubs you the wrong way then please to not do it! On the same hand remember to look at the history of judgement. Look at what has happened when we as humans have begun to say that anthers beliefs are wrong.
    As said before an animal sacrifice should be dose as painlessly as possible. What can be used should be used. ( let us look to the Native American faiths for guidance in this) Sacrifice should be done in the service of The Greatest Good to quote a Reiki philosophy.
    When you give of your time or of your knowledge it is a sacrifice. The movement of my hands as I type this post could be seen as a sacrifice of energy given to all of you. In the end I am no better then a vegaterian or a satanist, I am simply myself. I will answer to my own Karma just as everyone else will.
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    Quote Originally Posted by -Ember
    But then you have no right to live yourself, for life is dependant upon the taking from others. All that you have is yours from having taken it from others as they took it from still yet others. Yet most of those from who it was taken gave more willingly than we understand, being more inclined to take.

    Is there anything you "truely own"?

    I am willing to take, in appreciation of the gift, and am striving to be ever mindful that I also must give as freely as I have taken.

    I didn't perceive this as being in terms of whether or not I have a right to live or not. I believe that I am in all things; as all things are within me.... I just am.... I did not decide to "live" and come into existance, life was given to me. It is not something I feel I have a right to revoke from myself or any other. The only thing I truely own is responsibility for how I express myself during this existance and what impact it creates on the "world" and all who share this existance with me. But I am vassilating. In my personal perception the most meaningful sacrifice is giving of your time, not blood, not the "life breath" of myself or another. I would never be so bold as to think I can even begin to be some sort of deity who can take life away. Give of your blood and what does it accomplish (unless as was pointed out by another, as a blood donor, that has merit and meaning...) in any other terms it really isn't much, you make more blood in time. Sacrifice an animal, plants... you can raise more, but you cannot Give them life again. It is ultimately empty and selfish behaviour. I am grateful for everything that allows me to be here, I honor that by using my time as wisely as I can. And I am tired... forgive my inarticulate expression...

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    I think this thread is very interesting! I would like to comment on a few ideas expressed by others here....

    I do agree that a blood sacrifice and blood offering are different. A sacrifice is something that you offer that is not easy to give up. An offering can be anything you deem fit. If it were me I would offer my own blood.

    I do like the ideas of making a blood offering of donating to a blood bank. Or giving of yourself through hardwork, blood, sweat, and tears. These are very noble!! Many Gods would smile in favor of these offerings.

    And I must add that the relationship between women and blood is a unique one. While I do not think it is a sacrifice to menstruate it could be seen as a blood offering to the Goddess. One that is built-in to our very being. The blood spilt during childbirth in my mind could be very close to a sacrifice.

    I am vegetarian who would not be able to kill an animal and offer it's blood. But everyday animals are killed just to be eaten by annonymous patrons. So for someone to sacrifice an animal by their own hands and use all parts of that animal to provide food, warmth, etc to their family is a far nobler life and death..... than say that of the average slaughterd animal destined for McDonalds. In a society where eating meat is the norm, sacrificing an animal for your Gods (and making use of the whole animal) just doesn't seem that "out of the question". When I was young and lived down the street from an asian family they would kill a chicken in their backyard to celebrate a new baby. They would make a sauce of the blood and eat the whole chicken. Yeah it grossed me out but I respected it.


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    Although I doubt any God or Goddess would particularly demand a blood sacrifice, I believe it is perfectly acceptable to offer your own blood, although I wouldn't advise more than a few drops. Also use sterile sharp objects (diabetic finger-pricking lancets would be ideal if you could aquire any, as they are intended for one use, and they are sterile providing you haven't used them before). You really don't want to get a staph infection (germs are everywhere, and I'm not just paranoid, I'm a Certified Nurses's Aide at a hospital - I've heard of diseases I can't even pronounce 1/2 the time ROFL try saying Methicillin Resistant Staphyloccocus Aureos 3x fast or Escherichia Coli) .. It's also possible to use a regular pin, but hold it directly in a candle flame before-hand for several seconds and let it cool before you prick your finger.

    It's also completely OK to use your own menstrual blood if you are female, the best way to do that as a sacrifice is to sit bare-arsed on the ground at that time of the month.

    that would be my 2cents..
    In Frith,

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    The Gods can take any animal or human they like, even your own life.
    They can, on the other hand not force you to offer some of your blood in their honour. That is a choice only you can make.
    I think it is only proper to offer your own blood.
    I would not ever kill another living being for the sake of my rituals. IMHO it is silly, unlogical and downright wrong. Even if it would mean suffering the wrath of the Gods.
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