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Thread: Unicorns?

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    I believe they are are real but on a different vibration now. I believe the "mythological" creatures all elevated to a different plane when people really started to mess up.

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    The earliest stories about unicorns have them not looking like horses. Some looked like goats. The unicorn may have earlier roots to reality as certain horned beasts who thrived across Europe in ancient times no longer exist. They were hunted for meat and perhaps even ritually sacrificed. These animals could've been aurochs or wooly rhinos. In the Harz Mountains of Germany is a "Unicorn Cave" where bones have been found of horned animals.
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    I didn't vote. My (super Christian) grandma told me several times when I was younger that she saw a unicorn in real life and it was a lot "uglier" than she expected. The way she described it, it looked more like a kirin than a European unicorn.

    I personally tend to think that they probably existed at one point, like dragons. Every continent has a story about dragons and they're all different, regionally speaking (hell, even in my tribal history we have stories about dragons. No unicorns though, we got thunderbirds instead which I also believe existed at one point). There's no definitive proof except for cultural stories, but there's no definitive proof they didn't exist either. For a long time, people thought snow leopards weren't real until someone saw them in the wild. So I'm open to the possibility that they were around/could still be around in some remote place and or something like that. Anyways, according to String Theory, they exist, just in another dimension

    Funny story about unicorns: 9 years ago, when I was a sophomore in high school and much, much more stupid than I am now, I did some acid with a friend and ended up sunburning my corneas and going blind for a week (to this day, my day vision is really bad). Know what I was staring at? Unicorns. I saw them in the sun. The were telling me their history, but all I can remember now is that they used to live on Earth, but they're from Sol, that's why they had horns, to collect solar energy. Eventually, people became too corrupt and were killing them off so they went back to Sol to frolic in bursts and whatnot.

    May have been induced by an acid trip, but it totally makes sense to me!
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