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Thread: Mystic Wicks Poems of the Month Book

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    WickedBttrfly - What I Didn't Know
    Quote Originally Posted by WickedBttrfly

    What I Didn't Know

    I wish I knew
    the secret word
    to make you laugh,
    to make you smile

    I wish we could
    forget the rest,
    and just let go-
    just for a while

    I wish I hadn't
    made the choices
    that I did,
    but it's too late

    I wish I knew
    from the beginning
    that I would fall,
    that it was fate

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    CzechWoods - A Walkers Song
    Quote Originally Posted by CzechWoods
    A Walkers Song
    Listen up: you controlled and civilized people
    Keep on laughing at me
    When you think that I am down, or homeless
    Don't pretend you care for me

    No microwave oven and no play-station
    are at home awaiting me
    And neither your crowded discos nor theatres
    Are places where I would like to be

    But I know where I belong
    And when I cannot sleep at nights
    I can see the doves calling my name
    And I know that I am still alive

    My core is strong
    And it lives on and on
    It is one,
    with Mother Earth
    I am strong,
    living in harmony with Her
    my bond is strong
    my song will go on and on

    All that I need is the clear air
    A lake I can be drinking from
    A river to carry my boat on
    In case I cannot stay any more

    Sun that will heat up the rocks
    Rain to nourish the plants
    Blue skies and also deep woods and forests
    That I can be roaming for days

    Fish jumping joyful out of the water
    Birds and eagles soaring up in the sky
    Wind playing with my hair as I am walking
    And the lonesome songs of the animals wild

    I am connected to Her unity
    I am living in Her harmony
    I know exactly my place
    And I know my destiny
    I know all I need to know
    I feel Her wisdom through my breath
    I sleep comfortable in Her arms
    And I do not fear the death

    Listen up: you controlled and civilized people
    Keep on laughing at me
    Keep on thinking your weird thoughts
    You cannot shatter my harmony.

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    Spera - Tethered
    Quote Originally Posted by Spera

    My head was down against his knee,
    dark hair bound tightly to the back of my head
    against the pale, faded denim.

    He sat above me in a white, plastic picnic chair,
    gesturing lazily to our mutual friends who
    flocked around the table like hungry gulls,
    I could not meet their gaze.

    Instead, I studied the concrete,
    the raspy surface that clung to the bottom of my swimsuit,
    wondering if when I stood the loose strands
    of my slick blue water skin would break and ball
    marring it's smooth seamlessness.

    And then his hand descended,
    patting my hair like a favorite hound,
    tracing the thin curve of my ear
    as I stared at the ground,
    his hand resting from its travel
    to lay across my exposed neck.

    Eventually, I
    stole myself from his touch and
    that sticking concrete,
    never minding the loose threads that broke.

    And I dove,
    head first into the sustaining water,
    to drink in the bitter-fresh chlorine,
    the splashing giggles of the water-bound party.

    But then, looking back,
    I saw him watching me,
    his teeth glittering and eyes
    squinting by sun and laughter
    as he pulled the leash,
    and called me back to him

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    MoonDragn - Sprout
    Quote Originally Posted by MoonDragn
    Graced upon those shadow's fall,
    sumer's wind and winter's call.

    Restless breeze upon the green,
    whisper thoughts greet me in.

    Harden oaks withstand the fall,
    willow bends in deep thaw.

    Like the visage of her joy,
    silent in the needless dream.

    Soon after the waking call,
    hollow sorrow harsh and cold.

    Shadows fall about which way,
    like a swaying single hay.

    Cut with a gauntlet through the ross,
    fallen hard upon the land.

    In the final distant call,
    it soon rushes to begin.

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    drakkoby - untitled
    Quote Originally Posted by drakkoby
    where the boneless ones fare,
    a third well i felt in the web,
    who else feels it
    in the roots of the Great Tree?
    and as a hawk i went flying for it
    and as an apprentice i was drinking it,
    brown and sparkling with sun and old leaves,
    the well of myself...

    farmboy running across a field laughing
    wrestling with my best friend
    ah, we were clashing our swords in play
    and holding each other in affection
    never thinking of serious things...

    ansuz glows,
    apprentice again, i am sharing a cup with Grandfather
    and promising a rainbow to build between us,
    he takes me around to meet the Others
    and the blue runes shine in the high places
    and the crows say irritable secrets.

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    evilslinkycat - untitled
    Quote Originally Posted by evilslinkycat
    just a short one...

    The moon on a sunny day
    I saw the sky when the stars
    Very softly wrote dreams though the air

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    The winner for Feb/March was ummm,,,, me

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    wow, I forgot that I wrote those poems

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    April Entries


    You were so quick to judge,
    My life's not such a drudge.
    You said we lacked excitement,
    That the flame of fun was spent.
    You wanted to do the single thing,
    Now you'd had your little fling.
    I'd hoped that you could be the one,
    I should have known that you'd be gone,
    The moment I got happy,
    I was too content to see,
    That the happiness you'd given me,
    Was a false pretence, I see.

    I'd tried to create environments,
    Free from worries, bills and rents.
    A calm, reflective paradise,
    Could it have been enough to serfice?
    I offered you a relaxed retreat,
    A place two chilled out minds could meet.
    But you just wanted to go party,
    I couldn't make you happy.

    And now as darkness folds around me,
    I realize that we could not be.
    I guess you're just too different,
    To think I lack excitement.
    You think that I could never be,
    All that you could want of me,
    That I have too much responsibility,
    Well I'm a mother don't you see?

    You'd like a wilder life,
    When I like my milder life.
    I'm just far too chilled out,
    To go about and scream and shout.
    I feel as if I should cry,
    But haven't figured out just why,
    I should waist my time to try.
    When I trusted you, you hurt me,
    But now with open eyes I see,
    You're just another bastered,
    That didn't care for me.

    So go ahead and use me,
    Don't wait around to see,
    All of the potential that we could rise to be.
    And now too lonely bed I'll crawl,
    And nurse my pride in sad withdrawal,
    And I'll await the next sunlight,
    Without a lovers blinded sight.
    I'll paint upon a happy smile,
    But I know that all the while,
    It hides a veil of tears,
    That's followed me throughout the years.
    When happiness I thought was mine,
    It's always taken; I guess that's just fine.
    But as you stroke this sleeping cat,
    Be sure you know just where you're at,
    For beneath their soft and silky paws,
    Every pussycat has claws.

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    greenwitch - you grip my heart
    Quote Originally Posted by greenwitch
    you grip my heart with a cold hand
    And a vacant stare
    the rain is singing on the window now
    another sad song on a blood scorched day

    your eyes are red my dear
    shut them tight and block out the sun
    the light stings the dark with a poison tipped fang
    pushing you farther and farther away

    I'm biting my lip now and it bleeds steady
    Rocking in the corner of the basement in the dark
    Shadows eating me alive from the inside out
    Hovering like you always did
    Over my shoulder
    Haunting, waiting, ready to pounce

    The dirt turns to mud as the blood flows through
    Opened veins are running dry
    Like old river beds do in a distant place
    The flowers are dancing for you honey
    Twinkling here and there and glistening as the rain slows down

    The song isn't so loud now,
    The singing is fading away from the window
    A sad song dying with the drying of the blood
    Another stain upon my soul and yours
    Another curse laid to a pure hearts glory
    Intent upon breaking the wax seal

    The light stings the dark with a poison tipped fang
    Pushing me farther and farther away.

    by Mia Turiano (ie Me)

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