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Thread: Mystic Wicks Poems of the Month Book

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    Ghost_Wolf - untitled
    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost_Wolf
    Such a waste,

    its what they all say,

    i think their right,

    but i make it by day,

    these scars remind,

    the pain once faced,

    these scars remain,

    to show i can survive,

    skies of grey,

    worlds of weight,

    wreathed around my heart,

    weighing down on me,

    conflicting sides,

    never agreement,

    ceasless fighting,

    never quite peace,

    walking light,

    your eyes afire,

    setting my soul free,

    my one hearts desire,

    darkness lifted,

    skys of blue,

    shining clearly,

    thanks to you,

    so heres to you,

    my one true love,

    you shine brighter,

    than any star above,

    crying out ,

    in dark of night,

    holding close,

    till morning light,

    shooting stars,

    above our heads,

    rolling skies,

    lifes little threads,

    moonlit night,

    wrapped up tight,

    seeing eternity,

    in your eyes,

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    Flaire - Crimson Tears
    Quote Originally Posted by Flaire
    Crimson Tears

    I stood in the rain
    Looking through the window
    And seeing your happiness.
    I was shattered
    Knowing that it was not me
    That you turned to.
    Rather, I am frozen out
    Or turned to in times of desperation.
    Only when you feel like it
    You acknowledge my existance.
    A mere cry for help
    That I don't wish to listen to,
    But do anyway
    Because I want to be the one
    To whom you show affection.
    I have cried crimson tears for you.
    Yet, you do not see
    In the depths of my body
    Lies a vulnerable human
    Who only wishes for your love.

    And I continue to cry
    Crimson Tears .

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    BrigidMoon - Hidden Dream
    Quote Originally Posted by BrigidMoon
    Send me that great deam
    The one I hid years ago.

    Like a bottle landing on shore
    Let the message come to me
    For I not know which one I can be.

    I know I definitely have a blotched page
    Full of creativity.

    And I have the knowledge
    To inform those of it.

    Would be easy to be both
    And I can not figure
    Why I would be both?

    Because that would such a 1/2 hearted task.

    Me, myself and I.

    Total concentration and accomplishment.

    In my life
    One solid goal
    Could just set me to my own fame
    My own fortune.

    Realizing I am the best to me.

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    MorganLeFey_83 - My Pen
    Quote Originally Posted by MorganLeFey_83
    My Pen

    My Pen.
    Wings of my testimony.
    Letting me soar.
    Too high to care.
    Crossing continents.
    And I end up here.
    My Soul.
    An overstuffed scrapbook.
    Snapshots of memory.
    Poetry in your smile.
    A postcard.
    From the other side.
    My Paper.
    Clean, crisp, and white.
    Brand new me.
    Ready to be ravaged.
    And made beautiful.

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    Shadowsong - Upon the Presence of a Tornado
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowsong
    Winding, snaking, from
    A shattered, beaten sky,
    It howls, roars, moans,
    Swaying almost drunkenly,
    Yet it is the quintessence
    Of power and of
    Nature's fury--
    Savage beauty--
    Ravaging, tearing hungrily
    At all it comes across,
    Caring not what
    Havoc is wreaked,
    Caring not how
    Many families are torn,
    Or what damage is done,
    Or what pain is caused.
    Savagely beautiful--
    It drops with stealth,
    From a shattered, beaten sky,
    And when it snakes
    Away, it leaves behind
    A shattered, beaten land.

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    Winners for July were MorganLeFey_83 and GambolingCaribou.

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    Poems for August


    I feel like a programmed automaton,
    Whose circuits are fried and who's memories gone.
    I've popped a chip and I've blown a fuse,
    My hard drive's gone and my data's refused.
    I bag and I weigh and I price the food,
    I check and rotate, though I'm not in the mood.
    My minds a blank, an empty space,
    Not an emotion shows on my face.
    But still I stand in this food isle,
    Upon my face a plastic smile.
    For I am the programmed automaton,
    Who's loosing the will to carry on.

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    LittlePerson - Flowers at a Gravestone
    Quote Originally Posted by LittlePerson
    Flowers at a Gravestone

    Every second Tuesday she comes,
    with flowers in her long arms,
    and lays them ceremoniously,
    down upon the dry brittle grass.
    She brushes the petals softly,
    with her manicured fingertip.
    I can sense her longing,
    her saddened silence.
    And I look at her start to cry.
    There is nothing I can do for her,
    this stone engraved with letters.
    Though she and I both know,
    that her loved one is long gone,
    only broken bones in fragments,
    lay ensconced in creaky wood,
    deep beneath the wormy soil.
    Yet still she comes to hope,
    that the soul will see her flowers,
    those gorgeous dying flowers,
    flowers at a gravestone.

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    MorganLeFey_83 - Mama Moon
    Quote Originally Posted by MorganLeFey_83
    Mama Moon

    Mama Moon
    Looks down on you
    And smiles while you sleep.

    Her quiet glow
    Lights up your room
    So you don't need a night light.

    Listen closely and you might hear
    The crickets and wind in the trees are,
    Her special night time lullaby.

    And when it storms outside,
    With lightening bright and thunder booming,
    She's only watering her big Earth Garden.

    So, if you're scared,
    And you can't sleep,
    Just look up at the sky.

    Mama Moon
    Looks down on you
    And smiles at you sweetly.

    *I created this originally as a little song for my son, Tristan, to help him sleep better in his new room. I thought it seemed worthy of being written as poem. I would appreciate any feedback you may have on this poem.*

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    *PeCuLiAr*PaNdA* - Untitled
    Quote Originally Posted by *PeCuLiAr*PaNdA*

    In the darkness of night
    Shimmering silver stars sweep the sky
    Twinkling with a mystical glow
    The moon of harvest is an eerie shade of orange
    A perfect circle
    A quarter in the atmosphere
    As night cools
    Chilling Mother Earth as she sleeps
    The delicate drops of dew decorate the brilliant green grass
    To give the baby seedlings a chance to grow
    And become an illuminating sight of rainbow blossoms
    With their smells so sweet that gives warmth
    Like a pie just out of the oven or a kiss from the one you love
    The lightening bugs dances through open fields
    Joyous with light
    For their day
    Is our night

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